Feet processing

  • Various in-line processing options
  • Fully automated peeling and chilling 
  • Modular system set-up
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Labor saving


Duck feet are profitable products; an effective processing system can therefore be an interesting option. The system processes duck feet fully automatically up to peeling and chilling. Its modular set-up enables a profitable solution for every production capacity.

The process includes the following operations: unloading, peeling, chilling and packing.

First of all, the cut duck feet are unloaded from the overhead conveyor line in the Unloading Station. The feet end up on a conveyor belt to be transported to the first process stage.

Duck feet have already been scalded when they arrive at the feet processing system. In the duck immersion scalder, which is set for a longer period than broiler scalders, feet are immersed too. That's why they can be peeled right away in the feet processing stage. The horny layer of skin is removed in the duck feet peeler using rotating plucking fingers. For optimal peeling, hot water is added at the beginning of the process. The layer of horny skin is flumed away via a central drain.

After peeling, duck feet are conveyed to their specialized chiller. The feet are chilled by keeping them in a cold water tank for several minutes. This reduces the temperature of the feet to the required temperature. At the end of the unit feet are discharged by the ejector on the screw conveyor, ready to be transported to the packing area. 


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Customer stories

Ducks Donstar Coneline

“A duck processing plant of a similar high capacity with such level of automation is a rarity anywhere in the world.”

Vadim Shalvovich Vaneev

Eurodon Holding

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