Versatile and high-capacity system for traditional or ritual cattle slaughter

  • Meets all safety standards
  • Meets the norms for ritual slaughter
  • Designed to reduce animal stress
  • Meets animal welfare requirements


SULMAQ's FlexiBox performs the ritual slaughter with a maximum capacity of 50 cattle/hour. The process occurs from the rotation of the cattle inside the equipment so that the rabbi can perform the slaughter. After that, FlexiBox returns to its initial position and knocks the animal down on the stunned cattle platform. 

The traditional FlexiBox slaughter reaches a capacity of up to 120 cattle/hour. In this slaughter method, an operator triggers a captive bolt pistol on the head of the animal, and, after that, they knock it down on the stunned cattle platform. 


  • Rubberized mobile floor assists in the removal of the slaughtered cattle
  • Stunned cattle platform designed to facilitate the lifting of the animal
  • Internal coating made of plastic material to reduce the animal's impacts
  • The hydraulic guillotine and subjector are responsible for the containment of the neck to facilitate the beheading
  • The equipment has an internal shape of a "V", following the recommendations of Temple Grandin
  • It has a hygienic mode, rotating at extra low speed to clean the equipment
  • It has a pneumatic split port with pressure regulating valves to avoid bruising the animals
  • The movable sidewall holds the animal during the rotation and assists in its removal at the end of the process
  • It has a mobile platform for the captive bolt pistol operator, which can be retracted when ritual slaughter is being performed
  • The rabbi guard doors have safety sensors and block the animal's vision to make its handling easier
  • The hydraulic rear pusher that assists in the positioning of the bovine presents rubberized end to avoid bruising the carcass


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