• Consistently reliable performance at the highest line speeds
  • Picks up a wide variety of defects
  • Assessment in the distribution line for cut-up or whole bird selection
  • Easy to install, calibrate, use and maintain


IRIS, the Intelligent Reporting, Inspection & Selection system, assesses whole products and the seven anatomic portions at multiple locations in the processing plant. In the distribution line, IRIS will perform its task immediately after the products have left the chilling tunnel. Now, the products have assumed their ulterior shape and are ready for precise assessment. Using the data from IRIS, Innova PDS in the distribution line decides whether the products are sent to whole bird batching or to either one of the cut-up lines.

Products having their final shape are ready for precise assessment

Information received from IRIS GDR in the selection line is used to determine what happens to a product with a downgraded portion. It is likely that the product will be sent for cutting, producing six A-grade portions and just one single B-grade portion. The downgraded product or portion will then be released separately as and where required in the processing plant.

How it works

The system consists of a digital camera, LED lighting and advanced recognition software.

IRIS uses shape, color and texture to detect defects such as broken wings, red and blue bruises, fecal stains, remaining feathers and skin damage. IRIS can be used on both water and air chilled products.

Recognition software processes the images received from the camera and allocates a quality grade to each portion of the product. This information is used to determine the best possible destination of each whole product or portion and to generate fully comprehensive reports.

Combined with an IRIS station in the defeathering stage, utmost assessment and allocation can be achieved; a first quality check for product planning and a second check for precise destination of each portion.

  • Digital imaging and advanced recognition software
  • Fully integrated into Marel Poultry Innova plant-wide information and control system
  • Allows management to make decisions about product destination 
  • Picks up reliably a very wide range of defects
  • Can accurately determine the size of a bruise or length of a scratch
  • Suitable for both air and water chilled product
  • Suitable for “specialty” products, such as corn fed, organics and free range chicken
  • Can be combined with IRIS DF for two-step quality check
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Can be installed at multiple locations in the plant
  • Separate front and backside systems possible



Marel offers a range of service solutions to prevent failures, maximize performance or in case of unexpected breakdowns remote or onsite assistance.

Marel has offices in 30 countries across all regions, and a global network of highly skilled professionals that provide remote as well as onsite service support. We provide quality spare parts and customized service agreements for our customers to ensure optimal performance of Marel equipment.

Customer stories

Sander De Bruijn Jan Legters Esbro
Hazeldene Australia Poultry

“Products are of a superior quality. We see Marel as being the top.”

Naif Aladhyani

Arasco, Saudi Arabia

"The control, the insight we have into our primary process is simply amazing. We know what’s happening where."

Jan Legters, plant manager


"You can be sure that we’ll continue to integrate this tool further across the manufacturing area of our business."

Adam Hazeldene, General Manager Plant Operations


"We have made significant steps towards advanced, high-tech poultry processing."

Claire Gallardo, Plant Director

May Harvest

"A speed of 15,000 bph doesn't drive the components to extremes. On the contrary, they are perfectly capable of keeping up with the speed and control of the transfer process."

Anton de Weerd

Marel Poultry

"We’ll have the ability to look in on every machine to see how it’s performing – on a real-time basis."

Walt Shafer

Costco Lincoln Premium Poultry Plant

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