MAJA BXM-LOIN Loin and Bacon Trimmer

High product quality with a uniform defatting result

  • Uniform defatting result
  • Flexible application
  • Individual fat layer settlement
  • Hygienic contact-free fat measurement



With the BXM-LOIN, pork loin and bacon can be defatted in a simple and cost-saving way. The back fat is removed in a single piece with skin attached, making it suitable for further processing, such as fully automatic derinding.


  • Performance in line with market requirements: Up to 800 loins/bacons per hour
  • Continuous operation and high profitability with the opto-electronic fat recognition system BFE1
  • Improved product sanitation due to contact-free fat layer measurement
  • High flexibility and short changeover: Suitable for right and left sides of loin/bacon as well as bone-in and boneless products; process without presorting
  • Spring-mounted infeed conveyor belt combined with fully automatic height adjustment of pressure unit, thus no product sizing or selection necessary
  • Plastic-link conveyor belt provides easier cleaning and less wear, especially for cold and very rigid pork rinds
  • Uses a 434 mm standard skinner knife–no need to stock expensive special knife types
  • Cutting command for consistent defatting result and high product quality without cuts in the backfat
  • Too fat or too meager cuts are separated automatically
  • Individual setting of fat thickness for short reaction time for specific customer/market requirements
  • Easy handling, no need for trained personnel
  • High degree of process automation–high profitability


Cutting width 434 mm (17'')
Machine width
with adjustment handles
1117 mm (44'')
Depth with discharge
conveyor belt
3049 mm (120'')
Height of machine 1554 mm (61'')
Electrical connection

1.6 + 1.8 kW
2.1 + 2.4 h.p.
Compressed air connection approx. 15.5 liters/min. (800 loins/h)
Machine weight 650 kg (1430 lbs)


Line-up possibilities

  • Defatting machine BXM-LOIN with manual fat layer adjustment by pushbutton
  • BXM-LOIN with automatic opto-electronic fat layer recognition BFE 1K for increased throughput
  • BXM-LOIN with BFE 1K in line with conveyorized derinder BXAplus 434 NFL for immediate derinding of the backfat removed


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