Low pressure forming with guaranteed uniform shape and accurate weight

  • Uniform product shape and weight
  • Preserved structure and texture
  • Endless variety of 2D and 3D product shapes
  • Maximum 0.3% raw material waste
  • Belt widths to fit any food production line
  • Low cost of ownership


Ultra-low pressure forming 

To ensure the texture and structure of plant-based protein are retained during processing, the RevoPortioner uses ultra-low pressure forming. This also gives every product a uniform shape and accurate weight.

Endless product possibilities  

Regardless of whether your raw material is soy, tofu or pea protein, interchangeable forming drums can create practically any 2D or 3D product shape you desire - plant-based burgers, nuggets, breakfast patties, tenders etc. They are quick and easy to change, giving a highly flexible production process. 

Increased capacity and quality 

Forming drums are available with innovative Helix Drum technology to increase production capacity. They also ensure a more controlled filling pressure with a more constant flow of raw material, which further improves product quality. 

Air release – no water 

Air instead of pushers and water releases products, eliminating smearing and resulting in a much higher quality finish. It also has huge benefits for downstream processes such as flouring, battering and breading and guarantees you a clean working environment.

A RevoPortioner for any capacity

Every day, convenience food processors around the world benefit from the innovative forming solutions we’ve been developing for more than 25 years. With the introduction of the RevoPortioner 1000, there’s now a RevoPortioner to fit any food processing production line, from the smallest family-owned business to the largest processors supplying the world’s leading QSR chains.

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The RevoPortioner is available with various belt widths, allowing you to produce up to 8,000 kg of formed raw material per hour.  

  • RevoPortioner 400 
  • RevoPortioner 500 
  • RevoPortioner 600 
  • RevoPortioner 700 with optional V-pump
  • RevoPortioner 1000


Production insight

By controlling and monitoring the recipes and production, Innova Food Processing Software ensures that the end product aligns with the customers’ orders. The supplied real-time data for performance monitoring ensures better food quality and food safety.

Innova’s full traceability program provides an overview of the raw materials' journey through the processing plant. As a part of this, the traceability engine records every process step in the convenience line. Together with the Recipe Manager tool, it’s easy to track systematically what has been made, when, where and by whom.


V-pump to increase capacity

To increase your production volume, the RevoPortioner 700 can be fitted with a V-Pump. It delivers a high capacity of meat mass, with uniform pressure, to the forming unit. Because of its V-shape, the pump's influence on the meat structure is minimal, so the high volume it achieves does not compromise quality in any way.

Helix Drum technology for higher volume

On the RevoPortioner’s Helix Drum, product shapes are aligned diagonally to enable a continuous filling process. The pump does not need to start and stop as frequently as with conventional drums. This leads to a more constant meat flow in the system, helping to control the filling pressure and eliminate variations and at the same time increase capacity.

High-speed drum cleaning

A cleaning unit is available to minimize downtime and maximize productivity. The unit completely automates the cleaning process so you can be confident that the highest hygiene standards are always met and your equipment will always function optimally.

Fast and efficient drum changeover and storage

A lifting and storage system can remove the drum from the RevoPortioner after use and safely transport it to the cleaning unit. A storage unit is available to store all your drums securely.


Marel offers a range of service solutions to prevent failures, maximize performance or in case of unexpected breakdowns remote or onsite assistance.

Marel has offices in 30 countries across all regions, and a global network of highly skilled professionals that provide remote as well as onsite service support. We provide quality spare parts and customized service agreements for our customers to ensure optimal performance of Marel equipment.


Customer stories

Mantos Marel Plant
europa-cuisson-partnership.jpg (1)

"In order to create premium products, you need to ensure a premium meat structure and texture."

Enrique Muñoz, Project Leader Product Development


"Marel’s particular combination of its grinder, vacuum mixer, and RevoPortioner is the essence of the system, and it’s what makes the production line unique."

Ralf Weber


"For the development of our products we cooperated with the food technologists from the demo center. The knowledge and experience the team holds has been very valuable. Their support is great."

Juan Mate, CEO

Europa Cuisson

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