SmartWeigher DF

  • Earliest possible weighing
  • Flock weight evaluation
  • Inline overhead weighing at the highest speeds
  • Accurate and consistent weighing figures


The very first opportunity to weigh what comes in the plant, is integrating a SmartWeigher DF in the processing line, after stunning, before killing.

Thanks to this early flock weight check, there’s more time to plan production efficiently.

Flock weight

SmartWeigher installed in the defeathering line is an invaluable tool giving plant management full information on the weight of product entering and leaving the primary process. It helps to evaluate the quality of the supplied flock in a very early stage and at the same time it gives insight in the performance of the control process.

High speed inline

SmartWeigher, the inline whole product overhead weigher, is capable of handling the highest speeds, with utmost weighing precision and robustness.

Products stay in their overhead shackles and pass over the weigh bridge with no acceleration or deceleration. The system requires virtually no calibration nor daily attention. Its design is  compact, rigid, hygienic and safe.

Early evaluation

Weighing before defeathering provides  processors with an early evaluation of the complete product supply, way before their final destination is to be determined. Controlled by Innova PDS, the gathered weight information stays with the shackle until it leaves the chilling tunnel. Knowing exactly of about 30,000 products (!) what weight to expect in the selection line, production management can match them with incoming orders in a very early stage.

  • Earliest possible knowledge of product weight, after stunning, before killing
  • Time to plan production more efficiently
  • Higher yield through exact matching of products with incoming orders
  • Fully integrated in to Innova PDS plant-wide information and control system
  • Weigh sensor calibration needed only once during assembly
  • Compatible with highest line speeds
  • Utmost weighing precision and robustness
  • User-friendly components with low maintenance requirements


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