• Reduces risk of recalls
  • Traceability across value chain
  • Incorporates quality assurance registrations
  • Fulfills quality certification requirements


Correct traceability of products through the whole production chain is at the forefront of food safety. The traceability functionality links every process step of the production chain to ensure that products can be traced back to their source.

You can act quickly to minimize the size of recalls. You can produce the right information to fulfill the quality certification requirements.

Customer stories

Trident (2)
Skovde Handheld

"Innova provides control from the landing of the fish, through primary processing, all the way through finished goods, and shipping."

Jarred Brand, Director – Manufacturing Engineering & Technology

Trident Seafoods

"The main benefit of Innova is that we can now fully manage product traceability with one system."

Stefan Kylén, Production Manager

Skövde Slakteri

"We’re glad we decided to go with Innova from Marel; it’s a best-in-class solution for fish processing."

Brent Keelty, Plant Manager

Mt Cook Alpine Salmon

I am certain that using software like Innova is the future in fish production.

Alda Gylfadóttir, Managing Director

Einhamar Seafood

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