Vent opener

  • Specially designed for ducks
  • Adaptable to wide flock variations
  • Length of opening cut can be adjusted easily during production
  • No damage to intestines
  • Suitable for high capacity lines


The Vent Opening machine applies an abdominal cut to the ducks so that the intestine pack can be drawn out and veterinarian inspection can be performed.

The Vent Opening machine reliably operates in a way to prevent damage to the intestines. The machine has 12 units that carry out the process. The shackles carefully guide the products in the machine and the spreader bracket ensures a fixed position. Then the knife can move downwards to cut out the vent. The opening machine makes a longitudinal cut into the abdominal skin of the duck.

The length of the opening cut can be adjusted quickly and easily during production allowing a precise opening cut to be made irrespective of product weight. Now the product is ready for evisceration.

The machine provides excellent access for cleaning and maintenance. Technological settings are not affected during cleaning, ensuring a perfect start when the machine is re-engaged in the overhead track.

  • Vent Opener specialized in ducks
  • 12 units in carrousel, left or right hand versions available
  • Length of opening cut easily adjustable during production 
  • Absolutely no damage to the intestines 
  • Precise opening cuts result in higher quality of the end product
  • Easy adjustment to flock variations
  • Easy access for cleaning without settings being affected
  • Lockable hinged doors keep the immediate environment clean and guard the moving parts


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