Washers / finishers

  • Integrated solution for efficient final-stage defeathering
  • Extra-long plucking fingers to remove all remains
  • Integrated product washer and drier
  • Highest standards in technological development
  • Reliable hi-tech mechanisms guaranteeing nonstop operation


In extended high-capacity lines (10,000+ bph) or in special markets washers/finishers can finalize the plucking process. They remove and wash off loose feathers and other remains, using extra-long plucking fingers and water.

Stork washers/finishers have been designed to accomplish their tasks most effectively in order to deliver a meticulously defeathered, clean and hygienic product. 

Deciding whether a washer/finisher should be integrated in the process depends on the scalding method before, the cooling method afterwards and the demands from the market.

Hard scalded products at high temperatures will lose their epidermis. Therefore they display more loose hanging skin and other remains in the defeathering process. In these cases a washer/finisher is necessary to get a clean product. 

Technologically positioned to meet the biggest challenges, these machines take care of a fluid process flow without any interruptions.

The washers/finishers pluckers are extremely user-friendly: adjustments in height, width and rotation are easy. Hygiene is an important factor during plucking; therefore the machines are easily accessible for cleaning purposes.

  • User-friendly A-frame design for stability and accessibility
  • Two tilting cabinets with extra-long plucking fingers
  • Integrated product drier
  • Integral guides to keep birds firmly in shackle during plucking
  • Integral feather deflectors
  • Double non-slip hexagonal V-belt drive mechanism with calibrated tensioner
  • Ventilated motors and discs
  • Triple seal plucker/picker disc bearing housings to prevent feather and water ingress
  • Long-life maintenance free bearings
  • Controlled temperature and air flow though the cabinets


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