Innova updates

Innova software updates

Recent feature releases and Innova upgrades

Innova is the leading food production software on the market, enabling continuous improvement backed by real-time data and custom integration. We're always working to improve Innova, offering new features and performance enhancements across the food production value chain.

See the highlights of recent Innova software updates below. For comprehensive software update notes or more information on your software, contact Marel's Innova specialists.


Recent Innova updates

Release 5.9.1

Release highlights include Innova for SensorX Magna and full primal utilization introduced for I-Cut 130. Plus quality control scanner, FlexiCut improvements and a meat performance line software package to optimize the deboning process.

Release 5.9.0

Release highlights include PDA support for Android on certain devices, improvements to handling non-conformities in Innova QC and a highly configurable chart dashboard component based on a query in the base component toolbox has been added.

Release 5.8.2

Innova release 5.8.2 provides support for Innova RoboBatcher generation 2 plus improvements for the QC module, Recipe Manager module, overall equipment effectiveness, FlexiTrim module and much more.

Release 5.8.1

Innova 5.8.1 provides Innova for FleXitrim and Innova for Salmon Filleting. With performance upgrades across multiple stages in the production line, Innova 5.8.1 offers value-adding improvements to individual machines and full production lines.

Release 5.7.2

Innova 5.7.2 adds SpeedSort for ICut-122 and ICut-610, plus an improved dashboard designer and new board distribution report for I-Slice 3300. Innova improves accuracy, product quality and speed for fish processors, adding value at every stage of the process.

Release 5.7.1

Innova 5.7.1 provides 6 new streamlined reports to the deboning system and introduces the Innova Recipe system. From product details to employee performance, real-time recipe monitoring and multi-step production control, Innova improves efficiency end-to-end.

Release 5.7.0

Innova 5.7.0 introduces the Innova newsfeed and OEE mobile dashboard app to give Innova users essential information at their fingertips. Plus find end-of-support information for NiceLabel layouts and Windows Xp, Vista and 8.0 operating systems.


ILCS on the way

Information portal released early 2021

We're working hard to bring Innova customers a dedicated space with everything to get the most out of Innova-enabled Marel machinery.

  • Detailed release notes
  • Service contracts
  • User guides
  • Data portal

We'll be in touch when the ILCS zone is ready to access. In the meantime, please contact our Innova specialists via the contact form below.

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