Advanced poultry further processing at IFFA 2019

At IFFA 2019, to be held in the Frankfurter Messe May 4 – 9, Marel Poultry joins Marel Meat to focus on further processing. We can support you in making innovative steps towards optimizing your processes.

We will present the global launch of the fully new 700mm Convenience Food Line, consisting of RevoPortioner, Active Batter Applicator, Active Batter Mixer and the brand new RevoBreader. In addition to that, we’ll have on display SensorX, TrayTrack and Frank-a-Matic and we’ll also address the themes of Innova software and Water Treatment.

Our debuting convenience line comprises the RevoPortioner with Helix Drum, Active Batter Applicator, Active Batter Mixer and finally the RevoCrumb (flatbed only) or the RevoBreader (flatbed plus drum). Such a 700mm wide convenience line can create a wide variety of tasty added value products. A major asset is its high flexibility, as the line configuration isn’t fixed. It is easy to have a particular set up for e.g. home-style chicken wing coating and change the configuration after one or more production days, for e.g. chicken schnitzels.

Convenience products of the highest quality

It all starts with the RevoPortioner featuring the new Helix Drum. RevoPortioner performs an automated task which can hardly be done by human labor. It produces perfectly portioned products at low pressure while retaining the texture and structure of the raw material. RevoPortioner enables processors to produce the widest possible range of natural looking, 3D convenience products, always with the same shape, weight and size and of uniform quality, exactly according to customers’ wishes. The patented Helix Drum will ensure low pressure forming with continuous filling. The pressure of the meat pump is more consistent, resulting in a constant flow of meat.


After being moisturized with batter using Active Batter Applicator and BatterMixer, the products enter the brand new RevoBreader, the final stage of the new convenience line. It is a flexible machine that offers a flatbed mode and drum mode in one enclosure. Switching from one mode to another is easy.
In flatbed position, RevoBreader guides the products through a bottom bed of crumb, while covering the top layer with crumb gently falling on the product. This results in high quality, uniformly coated products.

The all-new RevoBreader

In drum position, a high pickup of crumb and optimum home-style coverage all over the product is guaranteed, as well as high retention of crumb to the product during the frying process. This is ideal for coating of bone-in products.

Of course, the new convenience line is backed by Innova Food Processing Software, controlling and monitoring the recipes and the production. Innova ensures that the end product aligns with the customers’ orders.


For sausage production, we present our new generation Frank-A-Matic Sausage Linker at IFFA. It offers industry-leading consistency in weight and length control for continuous, high-speed cellulose and collagen cased sausages.

Superior bone detection

On display at our IFFA booth is SensorX. Using X-ray technology, SensorX automatically finds bones and other foreign objects in poultry meat, ensuring extremely reliable food safety.

SensorX Poultry

Marel’s SensorX sets the standard in bone detection. Advanced sensing technology and cutting-edge software enable poultry processors to reach a higher level of product quality than was possible before. This increases the quality of the product and minimizes the risk of product recalls and/or customer complaints.
Marel’s latest SensorX software not only reduces the incidence of false positives to an absolute industry minimum but also detects those difficult to find bone fragments more accurately. This means less rework and fewer operators, enhancing still further the machine’s already excellent performance.

Automated traceability of trays

Also on display at our IFFA booth is TrayTrack, consisting of an overhead conveyor equipped with special carriers where trays are loaded and unloaded. TrayTrack is the perfect automated answer to the logistical challenge of tray transport to packaging equipment elsewhere in the poultry processing plant. It is much more intelligent than a belt conveyor system, as TrayTrack can handle multiple jobs and can buffer trays inline, all with no labor involved and traceability ensured. Unlike a belt/crate system, TrayTrack does not take up valuable floor space or get in the way of existing flows of people or product.

TrayTrack poultry logistics solution

TrayTrack is fully automatic, can handle high speeds and does away with the disadvantages of manual labor, offline buffering as well as capacity and productivity issues. Even the cleaning and drying process is entirely automated, similar to a car wash.

Innova software

Innova gives you full production control for individual machinery or complete processing lines. It ensures reliable data collection, providing full traceability throughout the production process. It includes real-time monitoring of key performance indicators such as yield, throughput, quality, capacity and labor efficiency. These valuable insights allow you to identify opportunities for improvements, while ensuring that production conforms to quality and food safety standards.

Water Treatment

Cost effective, sustainable and energy efficient water treatment systems solve some of the most difficult challenges with wastewater disposal. We have developed expertise in the treatment of wastewater in food processing through more than five decades of partnerships with our customers. Come and meet the Marel Water Treatment experts to talk about which solution is right for you.

On behalf of Marel Poultry, plenty of professionals will be available at the Marel booth to answer all your questions regarding advanced poultry meat processing.

Marel booth # J90, K90, K98 in Hall 8, Messe Frankfurt, Germany, May 4 to 9