Innovative solutions are part of Marel Poultry's DNA

Anton de Weerd, General Manager Marel Stork Poultry Processing

Marel Poultry is the leading company in the Netherlands regarding innovation in food processing industries. As Marel Poultry is continuously setting benchmarks in the industry, we prove that innovation is more to us than just a buzzword. At the same time we confirm our global leading position in the highly technological area of poultry processing.

Innovation is our passion, it is part of our DNA. Constantly we are striving to improve the poultry processing industry by integrating ground-breaking technologies. That’s how we develop many new cutting edge solutions and processes. They allow our customers – the poultry processors worldwide – to add maximum value, to produce high quality end products and to strengthen their market share. In this way they can take a significant lead over the competition, especially in terms of sustainability and efficiency.

Investing in R&D

Already for decades, we support processors all over the world to find better ways to optimize their processes. It’s our conviction that the best way of doing this is by offering state-of-the-art, innovative technology and complete solutions. That is why we invest much more than the industry average on innovation. 

Marel Poultry annually invests 5 to 7% of its revenue in research and development. This results in breakthrough innovations that have a huge impact on the way food is processed. Many of these innovations of the past have become the standard for the industry.

Poultry processing plant layout

Innovations worldwide

Innova process control

Operating internationally, Marel Poultry always keeps in close contact with the most advanced food processing plants in all parts of the world. It's a big challenge to achieve innovation all around the world; being innovative in Africa is totally different from being innovative in Asia. Typical market-specific solutions are born from inventive minds who really work in the field; their ideas are translated into realistic practical solutions by other inventive minds back at the office and in the factory.

In this way, the ideal breeding ground is created to repeatedly introduce optimizations for the production process.

Innovative people

From drawing board to assembly, this road to success is initiated and developed by our own - inventive - people in-house in the Netherlands. This goes to show that investing in innovation also means investing in people who are 100% passionate and who have a unique expertise in the field of food processing. It's up to them to conceive new, innovative solutions over and again from which products and processes arise, adding value for customers and, eventually, consumers. Our global Research & Development team comprises more than 400 highly qualified scientists and technicians in the fields of engineering and food technology.

Marel Stork Poultry Processing

Marel Poultry is always on the search for enthusiastic team members, and warmly welcomes new pioneers who are eager to explore technological and scientific boundaries.


Marel Poultry maintains excellent contacts with leading universities, research institutes and progressive clients and relationships within the food industry.

The intensive cooperation with these parties has boosted an important part of the many innovations that Marel Poultry achieved. The patent portfolio of over 250 granted patent families also accentuates this.

Once again this illustrates our international leadership, which has resulted in tangible and advanced developments.