Congreso Latinoamericano de Avicultura

Innovative solutions for the LatAm market

From September 26th to 29th, Marel Poultry will present some of its latest poultry processing innovations at the 25th Congreso LatinoAmericano de Avicultura (CLAA) in Guadalajara, Mexico. 

During the CLAA exhibition, our Marel Poultry specialists will be available to tell you everything about the innovative and profitable solutions we have developed to add more value to your poultry processes. We are constantly exploring the boundaries of innovation in response to the needs of you and your customers. At the same time, we feel strongly committed to always support you in becoming more successful.

Discover at CLAA 2017 how our solutions can benefit your operations. Our focus of attention will be on the following subjects.

Nuova evisceration 

Stork Nuova Eviscerator

Stork Nuova eviscerating systems offer various options to meet market demands, such as manual giblet harvesting and full automation with separate viscera pack shackles. In all parts of the world, the Nuova eviscerators respond to local requirements; they can be adjusted in a very flexible way to even perform polyvalent processing with highest yield.

Particularly for the Latin American market, Marel Poultry has developed the Nuova VO-20 CrossCut Opener. This system makes a horizontal cut across the vent, creating a bridge in the abdominal skin. By tucking the legs into the cavity, a typical rotisserie-ready product is created, much searched after in the Latam market.


ATLAS (Advanced Technology Live bird Arrival System) features the technologically advanced SmartStack module with ingenious characteristics, such as its increased loading capacity (meaning fewer truck movements), its frameless construction and its loadable bottom pallet tray. At all times, birds are gently moved from station to station. The Stork ATLAS live bird handling system has won the EuroTier 2016 Innovation Award.

CAS SmoothFlow

CAS SmoothFlow

Stork CAS SmoothFlow system is a most advanced stunning method, making use of controlled atmosphere to stun animals in the most humane way, while securing highest meat quality. The multiphase CAS SmoothFlow complies with the most stringent legislations, including those of the USDA. The first CAS SmoothFlow systems have already been sold to important Latam processors, marking a major breakthrough in this market.

Stork AMF-i

For years now, Marel Poultry has set the standard for breast cap filleting with its AMF system. To make life easier for poultry processors, Marel Poultry now adds even more intelligence to the process. Processors no longer have to manually select a product size related recipe, as module settings adjust themselves automatically to the measured product size. In this way, the intelligent AMF-i system achieves adaptive filleting with highest yield without human intervention needed.

Downstream solutions

Furthermore, Marel Poultry will pay attention to outstanding solutions for downstream processes, such as the the I-Cut 122. This dual-lane portion cutter accurately cuts boneless, non-frozen poultry products to fixed weight and/or uniform dimensions, while give-away is kept to an absolute minimum.

The SensorX automatically identifies bones and other foreign objects in poultry meat, using X-ray technology and ensuring extremely reliable food safety.

Last but not least, the Platino flattener will be highlighted, a unique technology to flatten poultry products to even thickness. Suitable for boneless, non-frozen poultry, the machine delivers portions that maintain both their quality and shape after flattening.

We look forward to welcoming you to our stand 210 at Congreso LatinoAmericano de Avicultura 2017!



Start date:
26 Sep 2017

End date:
29 Sep 2017

Guadalajara, Mexico

Stand no:
Stand 210