Poultry India

Growing along with processors

From 28 to 30 November, the annual Poultry India exhibition will take place in the Hitex Exhibition Complex in Hyderabad. It’s the largest international poultry event in South Asia. At our Marel Poultry booth, we’ll show how we can grow along with the evolving Indian poultry industry.

First of all, there are a lot of new Indian entrepreneurs who are on the verge of investing in a completely new poultry processing initiative. Marel Poultry is able to help choose the appropriate systems and services, from equipment layout to complete design of the building.


A clear trend can be noticed in the Indian poultry industry: processors who started a plant with capacities of 1.000 or 2.000 birds per hour only a couple of years ago, now continue to increase capacity and automation. Marel Poultry is the best partner around to support such a growing path towards further expansion. For each process stage, each level of automation, and each capacity, starting from 500 bph, we are able to supply made-to-measure inline concepts.

Stork Coretech Eviscerator

Nuova CoreTech

During Poultry India, we will highlight the Nuova evisceration concept, which can be fully adapted to the Indian market. For entry-level start-ups, Coretech offers 10 evisceration units. This standard set-up already features all sophisticated Nuova technology. Over time, the modular system can be expanded very easily to a full blown 20 unit Nuova eviscerator with automatic transfer of viscera packs, for manual or automated giblet harvesting.

Further Processing

During Poultry India, Marel will also focus on Further Processing, notably on the RevoPortioner and Frank-A-Matic solutions. Thanks to the patented Helix Drum of the RevoPortioner, the flow of meat will be constant, enabling higher volumes of optimum quality products. The Frank-A-Matic sausage linker offers industry-leading consistency in weight and length control for continuous, high-speed collagen and cellulose cased sausage production.


Local market needs

Poultry processors who are looking for new challenges are invited to address our team, including Jan Wouterse (Marel Poultry Area Sales Manager), Jose Martin Xavier (Marel Poultry Regional General Manager), and Preeti Bhardwaj (Marel India). These experts will be delighted to enter into detail and provide you with personalized information and advice. Please visit our stand T2B at the Poultry India event and find out how our innovative solutions can support you in finding exactly the right solutions for your local market needs.



Start date:
28 Nov 2018

End date:
30 Nov 2018

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Hyderabad, India