High-energy atmosphere at the Poultry ShowHow

COPENHAGEN - On Thursday 5th of November the long awaited Marel Stork Poultry ShowHow took place in Marel's own Progress Point Demo Center, Copenhagen. It turned out to be a very successful event, embraced by all parties! Poultry processors from all over the world gathered in Denmark for an inspiring day full of product launches, live equipment demonstrations and interesting lectures.

Processors from countries such as UK, Poland, France, Russia, Turkey, Romania, Colombia and Australia were very eager to travel to Copenhagen to be informed about the latest developments in the poultry industry.


From Complex to Relax to the Future

For the very first time Marel Stork organized this event, based on the theme 'from Complex to Relax'. At the Poultry ShowHow, processors could find out how to relax, while their daily complex production schedules will be managed. All of the activities during this day centered around the theme. Integrated line solutions showed how to reduce the complexity in the poultry process flow. Showcases featuring working cut-up, grading, batching, packing and labeling lines provided a unique hands-on experience. This real-life system installation in the demo hall, together with the software solutions, offered a clear explanation of the way Marel Stork envisions the future of poultry processing.

Key topics

During the day, Marel Stork specialists gave interesting presentations about key topics like smart product allocation, value-added fillet processing and smooth order handling. Besides Marel Stork's own expert presenters, two external speakers, Nan-Dirk Mulder (Rabobank) and Shai Barbut (University of Guelph) put the poultry industry in new perspectives.

Positive vibes

Overall the atmosphere during the Poultry ShowHow was positive and inspiring; the Progress Point demo hall and presentation rooms were buzzing from the high-energy. Poultry processors mingled in a relaxed way, exchanging experiences and discussing various themes. Of course there was also time for some relaxing moments, like the dinner event at the Carlsberg Brewery. 

Considering the visitors' enthusiastic responses, a second Poultry ShowHow in 2017 will certainly be put on the agenda.