Customer story

Huttulan Kukko Oy

15 Sep 2014

What started as a few bold plans just a year and a half ago is now hard fact. The Finnish company Huttulan Kukko Oy, with Marko and Kirsi Nummela and Jyrki Sukula as “founding fathers”, produces high-quality, organic poultry products in a way that, as they say, “enables them to sleep well”. They firmly believe in making products with respect for the land, and taking into account animal welfare and the health of the consumer. The owners of Huttulan Kukko Oy believe this is only possible by controlling the entire production cycle. The Company chose Marel Stork to help contribute to these objectives.

Our way of making food respects the tradition, environment and life in general. For that we need the best technology. Marel Stork provided us with that.
- Marko Nummela, co-owner Huttulan Kukko Oy
Huttulan Kukko OyFrom left to right: Marko Nummela – one of the owners, Petri Toivola – Plant Director, Mathieu van Dongen – Area Sales Manager Marel Stork, Mikko Harmanen – Structural Engineer.

Marko Nummela, farmer and one of the owners, says, “We want to make food that is based on the work of warm and goodhearted people with good intentions. To live up to this, we felt that we should take the whole production cycle into our own hands, from GMO-free feed, through spacious growing sheds with modern features to stimulate our broilers, right up to the actual meat production in the plant. The way we do things, as well as our products, makes consumers feel good. They can nourish themselves with safe, lovely, tasty products, being healthy and at ease. Our way of making food respects the tradition, environment and life in general. For that we need the best technology. Marel Stork provided us with that.”

Highly automated 2,000 bph / 33 bpm plant

It is not seen that often: a highly automated processing plant for an initial production capacity of 2,000 bph / 33 bpm. A short list of the features of the Huttulan Kukko Oy project makes it clear that top-quality automated processing is more than possible at 2,000 bph / 33 bpm!
In the plant in Lietoin, Southwestern Finland, we find a GP Live Bird Handling System, scalders and pluckers (pickers), a Nuova eviscerator and various other carrousel machines for perfect automatic evisceration.

After air chilling, whole products are selected and weighed by the Stork SmartWeigher and then automatically cut up in an ACM-MX cut-up system.

High-quality products, high-quality technology

Petri Toivola, Plant Director, explains, “We had the right people with the right convictions and valuable experience in food processing. The next step was to choose the right technology partner that could offer us the best and most complete solution for making the very best, top-quality, fresh products. Our aim is to achieve the highest possible yields and to use as much as possible of every broiler. Furthermore, it is vital to us that we are able to incorporate animal welfare issues in our choices. I see Marel Stork as the right, reliable partner when you are producing high-yield, high quality products without forgetting processing flexibility and efficiency.”

Broiler meat: growing in popularity

Huttulan Kukko Oy produces fresh, premium, organic broiler meat products for various outlets, with a focus on deboned products. These products, with breast fillet as “number 1”, are most popular in Finland. Additionally, whole products are produced along with a selection of bone-in, cut-up products, like wings and various leg products.

Finnish poultry production is increasing. While broiler meat is becoming more and more popular, the consumption of turkey meat is going down. Last year, for the first time, the production of broiler meat exceeded 100,000 tons. Availability of organic products is still limited and it is precisely this market which Huttulan Kukko Oy’s is targeting.

The future

Huttulan Kukko Oy is a new player in the Finnish poultry market, but the Company houses a lot of knowledge on food and food processing. Besides the Nummela farming family, the famous Finnish chef Jyrki Sukula is also one of the owners. As creative director, he focuses on the development of new products. With years of practice in the Finnish culinary food producing sector, he is well aware of all the trends and possibilities.
Huttulan KukkoJyrki Sukula, “I have a passion for honest, healthy, good and above all, tasty products and am convinced that our customers will appreciate them. The size of our company allows us to respond quickly to developments we sense in the market.” In the near future, Huttulan Kukko Oy will also start producing convenience products. Petri Toivola adds, “Here Marel Stork can also support us in providing the right solution. Together we will make the right choices.”