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Marel Stork National Business Success Award finalist

20 Feb 2015

Marel Stork has reached the finals of the national business competition "National Business Success Award". Among almost 300 companies Marel Stork was awarded as “top ten player that stands out because of its innovative character”. In an earlier phase of the 2014 election, Marel Stork became winner in the "Food Processing Industry" category.

“A top ten player that stands out because of its innovative character”

The award is the largest B2B prize in the Netherlands. It is supported by a number of organizations, including the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. The organization behind the award has many members from leading businesses and educational institutes throughout the country. Marel Stork is very proud to have reached the finals and to be awarded as a top ten player among all contesters.

National Business Awards

Being innovative

For decades, Marel Stork has supported processors all over the world to find better ways to optimize their processes. It’s our conviction that the best way of doing this is by offering state-of-the–art, innovative technology. That is why we invest much more than the poultry industry average on innovation. To us innovation is more than a trendy word: It’s our passion, part of our DNA.