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Marel's premises in Boxmeer expand

31 Mar 2017

Marel Boxmeer expands

Marel has started a major expansion of its premises in Boxmeer. With a symbolic push of a button Marel Poultry CEO Anton de Weerd and technical director / project coordinator Wim Beeftink launched the construction activities. 

Marel Boxmeer expands

The improved accommodation will offer Marel all opportunities to work on new initiatives and developments with renewed energy. "Currently, our accommodation is spread over three locations including temporary buildings. That is not an optimal situation, which we are going to change now. The investment in an updated and expanded building is required to provide all our people with the best possible working environment," says Anton de Weerd.

The renovation includes the construction of an entire new wing at the front of the main building and an extended production hall at the back. All these modifications facilitate Marel's recent job growth and enable the expansion of workplaces.

In total 1700m² will be reserved for offices with 150 workstations on two floors. An atrium will be built for consulting rooms, consultation rooms, and flexible workstations. For the factory relocation 1000m² of additional area is required to achieve better logistics of the plant.

Marel Boxmeer expands

In line with Marel's sustainability goals, several hundreds of solar panels will contribute to the energy supply of the renovated building. It is expected that the renovation will be fully completed in the first quarter of 2018.

The aim is to bring together the people from the three Marel industries in Boxmeer - Poultry, Meat and Further Processing - so that interaction becomes easier and faster. Wim Beeftink cites the example of the central R&D center, "Innovation is very important to Marel, therefore the R&D department needs an inspiring place to work together and share knowledge," says Wim Beeftink. "We are also creating a major IT hub, from where we develop and roll out large projects in the coming years."