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Pollolin and Marel Stork team up again

17 Jul 2014

Pollolin products

Pollolin is a vertically-integrated business, founded by the Maionchi family in 1961. It is based in the town of Cipolletti in the Rio Negro Province of Patagonia, the southernmost region of Argentina. The Company currently processes some 9,000 bph / 150 bpm in a two-shift operation.

Pollolin processes broilers into whole, cut-up, deboned and further processed end products. Patagonitas” or “little Patagonians”, delicious small nuggets, are a signature item. Besides selling on the domestic market, Pollolin also exports, contributing to Argentina’s fast growing presence in export markets worldwide.

We are delighted with our new equipment and with the support we have received from Marel Stork and look forward to our shared future with confidence.
Pollolin products

Updating and expanding

Marel Stork’s association with Pollolin began some two years ago, when the latest RS venting and opening machines were successfully installed into the Company’s competitor evisceration line. This was part of a process to update Pollolin’s production methods. This process also included expanding cut-up, deboning and further processing activities with the emphasis on increased throughput, higher yield, even better quality and a reduction in labor.

Photo report
of installation of new Marel Stork equipment in Pollolin company magazine
(in Spanish, article from page 8)

The cut-up and deboning project was commissioned in the second half of last year. Pollolin has installed a 6,500 bph / 108 bpm intelligent ACM-NT cut-up system, an AMF-BX FlexControl breast cap filleting system, weighing and grading equipment and a complete DMP45 meat recovery system.

Flexible, high speed cut-up

Pollolin’s ACM-NT system cuts product into all the usual wing, breast, leg, thigh and drumstick portions. It can also produce “pollo parrillero” – half a broiler cut vertically and ideal for a summer barbecue in the Patagonian outdoors. Interestingly, the system will also identify and release specific product for tray wrapping whole.

Product is re-hung manually to the system according to its quality grade. Sensors identify the grade of each product and transmit this information to the system’s controls.

First SmartWeigher for Argentina

Product is then weighed in a SmartWeigher module, the first installation of its kind in Argentina. SmartWeigher builds on Marel Stork’s long experience of weighing poultry and adapted techniques used by Marel in weighing fish on board ship. The technology is virtually friction and vibration free and weighs extremely accurately, even at the highest line speeds. With the weight and quality grade of each product known, ACM-NT’s controls ensure that the best use is made of each product and customer orders are fulfilled as efficiently as possible.

Two features of the cut-up system deserve special comment.

The medium rib breast cutter, which cuts breast caps for filleting, is equipped with a sorting gate. This separates light, medium and heavy breast caps, allowing them to be packed into different color crates for maturation.

The HP drumstick cutter has separate blades for left and right legs. These can be programmed individually and can be bypassed; a product can have its left leg cut into a thigh and drumstick portion, while its right leg remains whole. This feature, together with the ability to produce either anatomic legs or rear quarters, gives Pollolin optimum flexibility when processing back halves.

High yield, top-quality breast fillet products

Pollolin products

Once matured, breast caps are brought to the AMF-BX FlexControl breast cap filleting system. As we have seen above, these will already have been packed according to size in color-coded crates. An employee then enters the size of the breast caps to be filleted into the system via a touch screen at the AMF-BX system itself. All modules are reset automatically to the correct size, ensuring optimum fillet yield and quality.

Pollolin uses the AMF-BX FlexControl to produce breast fillets with or without the tenderloin attached.

A Marel SmartSplitter will slice large fillets into smaller portions for breading.

Efficient meat recovery

Every processor’s goal is to add as much value as possible to every broiler. What used to be “just by-products” or even “waste”, can now be turned into value-added products. Filleted breast cap bones are fed into a comprehensive meat recovery system, the first of its kind in Argentina, consisting of a DMP45 Minced Meat System and a RotoMeat Harvesting System to recover any residual meat left on the bones. The system produces high-protein, low-fat, coarse-minced 3mm meat with all skin, collagen and sinews removed for use in Pollolin’s popular, top-quality hamburger patties and nugget products.

Reducing give-away

Last but not least, the project included weighing and grading equipment. While wings, tenderloins, carcasses, back pieces and tails are collated into bulk batches manually using Marel scales; labor-saving Marel Custom Graders have been installed to size and batch breast fillets and leg products automatically.

Well-tried, sophisticated algorithms ensure that all batches are collated with minimum give-away.

Sharing the best

“Our company slogan ‘Compartis lo mejor’ reflects our passion to share the very best with our customers. We see that Marel Stork thinks the same way. We are delighted with our new equipment and with the support we have received from Marel Stork and look forward to our shared future with confidence.”

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