Service at all levels

In the business of producing quality products on your Marel Poultry line, you want to make sure the level of quality is maintained as long as possible.

We offer various options for organizing your service and maintenance, always focused on low cost of ownership and optimizing throughput and yield. A service package is customized to your wishes. We can take your worries out of maintenance and make sure your production line keeps running optimally and remains competitive – something that only the original manufacturer can offer.

Our global network of around 40 offices enables local availability of the right service engineer.
We believe in global knowledge, local solutions.


Here you find the latest service related news and service newsletters here. On a regular basis, Marel Poultry publishes service letters, which are made available for download in this section.


Training courses

A well thought out service plan from Marel Poultry ensures that your equipment continues to run at optimum efficiency. You can achieve a lower total cost of ownership, guarantee your throughput and obtain more yield per product.

Service Agreements

A Marel Poultry service agreement is always customer specific. Together we find the best balance between what is needed and what is possible to support you in the way that suits you best.

Training Courses

Training courses

Marel Poultry has the know-how, experience and experts available to help you by training your employees in the best possible way. Our specialists know exactly how to give your employees the information and training they need in order to allow your production to operate at the highest level.

Spare parts

Training courses

Original Marel Poultry (OEM) parts are manufactured using high quality materials and made for optimal performance in all our equipment. OEM parts offer proven performance, which makes Marel Poultry your first choice in providing the right part for the right application.


We design our equipment user and maintenance friendly and many of our machines are modular. When your business grows, we grow with you. You can extend certain machines of your existing installed base by adding modules or units.

Innova Service

Our Innova software service portfolio.

Discontinued products

Time for an upgrade?

Net Promoter Score

To make our customer experience as good as possible, Marel has implement the Net Promoter Score (NPS) on all service levels.