Sevice Agreements

Stork maintenance keeps your installation running optimally

A Marel Poultry service agreement is always customer specific. Together we find the best balance between what is needed and what is possible to support you in the way that suits you best.

We offer various possibilities, from fix break service to an extensive preventive maintenance agreement, including spare part kits and software updates. We have a 24/7, 365 days a year helpdesk for direct support, a strong global network and can, if needed, send product specialists.

We offer:

  1. Technical visit: during production an engineer visits the plant, in order to evaluate performance during production. The technical status and settings of the equipment are being assessed, and where needed adjusted. Small repairs are being carried out. The engineer is present at start-up and re-evaluates performance during production. Afterwards a written report of this visit will be sent.
  2. Technological visit: during these visits the measurements of the yield during production and at various points in the process are the starting point for possible improvements. The focus lies mainly on the optimization of the production line/machines.
  3. Mechatronic visit: during these visits sensors and vision systems are optimized, as well as software applications.
  4. Preventive maintenance agreement: this specifies by machine or module what maintenance is necessary when so that performance and up time can be optimized. The aim of preventive maintenance is to take your worries away.

Processing plants with a preventive maintenance agreement have the correct overhaul kits for each machine delivered in good time. This complete pack of spares includes everything necessary for the maintenance prescribed for that moment in time. If required, a Marel Poultry engineer can supervise and help with the maintenance.

"We have definitely improved our performance, I don’t see any negatives. The overall cost of maintaining the equipment has gone down and we have achieved an improved skill set within our employees."

- Larry Parker, Operations Manager at Union Springs, USA

The big benefit of preventive maintenance is that maintenance intervals are clear, as are the costs you can expect. It is clear up front what performance is possible for what price. We know from our own experience that, regardless of the cost of the program, overall costs are lower.


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