Fresh sausage

Bringing fresh sausage production to the next level

Marel offers complete, integrated systems as well as stand-alone equipment for the production of fresh poultry sausages.

Our equipment enables the production of a very wide variety of sausage products, with high accuracy and consistency, regardless of your batch size.

Whether you want to produce traditional sausages with preformed casings, or want to make use of co-extrusion technology, we provide a wide range of flexible solutions that live up to the highest demands of the food industry.

We offer equipment for all production steps, including for the automatic loading of your end products.

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Universal fresh sausage line

Universal fresh sausage line

Fully automated, tray loading system that produces up to 36,000 products / hour and has a fast changeover between various products.

QX Fresh System

QX Fresh System

Produces the casing as the sausage is extruded from a continuous flow of meat batter and a layer of collagen.