Leg deboning

<h3>Profitable opportunities for deboned leg meat</h3> <p>Marel's selection of automated solutions, as well as manual cutting combined with checking stations, provides the flexibility necessary for remaining ahead of changes in the market.</p> <p>Automated leg deboning systems can be integrated inline in the <a data-udi="umb://document/88453baa871c44468093b6cd6a08e1f8" href="/poultry/processes/broilers/secondary-processing/cut-up/" title="Cut-up">ACM-NT cut-up line</a>. The configuration of the system will depend on the end products you want to make. You can produce high-yield <a data-udi="umb://document/d446b7be36a14a53bbf2a1b1e0238ab0" href="/products-solutions/thigh-fillet-system/" title="Thigh Fillet System">skinless and skin-on thigh fillets</a>, <a data-udi="umb://document/a661ce9220a34f018051264a744040f9" href="/products-solutions/total-leg-deboning/" title="Total leg deboning">deboned total legs</a>, <a data-udi="umb://document/3c0f1ec469e341469b61acf830e535e9" href="/products-solutions/drumstick-deboning/" title="Drumstick deboning">deboned drumsticks</a> and many more.</p> <p>In the perspective of carcass balance, deboned leg meat offers plenty of opportunities for adding maximum value and making profitable products.</p>