<h3>Highest hygiene standards enable high-quality end products</h3> <p>Good evisceration is essential for safeguarding the quality of your end products, including giblets. Marel Poultry’s evisceration technology offers solutions for all processing capacities up to 6,000 birds per hour. Various modules can be combined, depending on your needs.</p> <h4>Evisceration</h4> <p>Our evisceration solutions achieve the highest yields and hygiene standards as well as an absolute top quality of end products. The eviscerator removes the entire viscera pack in a single, automated operation and hangs it over the breast side of the duck.</p> <h4>Giblet processing</h4> <p>The viscera pack contains several valuable giblets. These giblets are separated from the non-edible parts and after that, they are ready to be processed. This giblet processing system includes several Marel Poultry solutions for washing, chilling and transport. </p> <h4>Feet processing</h4> <p>Feet are profitable products; investing in a feet processing system is very interesting. The Marel Poultry system processes feet fully automatically up to peeling and chilling. Its modular setup enables a profitable solution for every production capacity at the highest line speeds.</p> <h4>Rehanging</h4> <p>A rehanger transfers birds automatically from one processing line to the next one, allowing for optimal tracking and tracing, without manual handling. When adding a weighing unit, which weighs each individual bird, this information can be passed to an Innova control system.</p>