<h3>Accurate versatility with high yields</h3> <p>Marel Poultry’s high-performance cut-up solutions feature numerous module options; therefore layout and production flexibility are almost limitless.</p> <p>The system’s product carrier perfectly positions the products, even at the highest line speeds, resulting in highest yields and percentages of A-grade cuts in the entire poultry industry.</p> <p>The combination of the cut-up system with Innova production control software enables the best possible use of incoming products and generates comprehensive production history reports.</p> <h4>Wing processing</h4> <p>Our modular ACM-NT cut-up system includes a full selection of wing cutting modules offering the best anatomical cuts and highest yields in the industry. The various modules can produce all current wing products including those needing an anatomic cut.</p> <h4>Breast/front half processing</h4> <p>A large selection of attractive anatomically cut back and breast products can be processed on the ACM-NT cut up system, including breast caps, half breast caps, front halves and breast quarters.</p> <h4>Leg processing</h4> <p>Leg processing is all about high yields, very accurate and uniform cuts in order to produce all kind of end products with back meat and attractive skin presentation.</p> <h4>Pre-processing and by-products</h4> <p>By-products can offer interesting and profitable processing options. We offer various modules for harvesting and pre-processing by products such as necks and neck skin.</p>