Deboning, skinning and trimming

<h3>Endlessly versatile high yield end products</h3> <p>Good deboning is all about high yields, high quality and safe end products. The manual deboning of ducks is optimized by streamlining the supply of products to each operator. This task can be performed using a Deboning Cone Line or a StreamLine solution. Through integration with Innova, Marel’s production management software, yield and throughput of individual operators working at a StreamLine working station is monitored in real-time.</p> <h4>Trimming</h4> <p>The flexibility of a manual line allows processors to select those cuts necessary for achieving optimum product value and minimizing loss.</p> <h4>X-ray bone detection</h4> <p>Remaining bones and bone fragments in deboned poultry are highly unwanted. Deboned duck meat can be scanned using advanced x-ray technology. The SensorX system detects the exact location of bone and other contaminants (metal, stone, glass), enabling effective trimming.</p>