Portion cutting

<h3>Automated, high speed and high performance</h3> <p>We offer portioning and slicing solutions for the high-speed production of all kinds of fixed weight or fixed length products, including template slicing of fillets.</p> <p>High-precision performance results in minimal give-away, thereby providing excellent profit opportunities. By combining the equipment with Innova intelligent production software, remote programming and control are easy.</p> <h4>Portioning</h4> <p>The various portioning machines cut fresh or frozen boneless products to fixed weight portions at high speeds.</p> <h4>Flattening</h4> <p>The Platino flattening massaging method puts less pressure on the poultry. This results in a high-quality bite, texture and taste. The product is more pliable which results in increased and faster brine or marinade absorption during tumbling.</p> <h4>Sorting</h4> <p>The SpeedSort system allows for trim removing or product sorting. The ultra-fast retraction conveyor opens and closes so quickly that it can even remove trim from both front and back ends of a single product.</p>