A good result for Compaxo with the Repiler Scraper Block


Compaxo BV is a family business of which the origins date back five generations. The traditional family succession has led to the great know-how and transfer of knowledge and experience on which the current business is based.

Compaxo BV in Zevenaar is a pig slaughterhouse, where craftsmanship goes hand in hand with the latest technologies and sciences. The welfare of the pigs and product quality are, of course, paramount.


The maintenance manager at the Compaxo Zevenaar production facility, explains: “The quality of dehairing largely depends on the quality of the scraper blocks that are used in the dehairing machines. In addition to quality, the lifespan of the scraper blocks is of importance from a cost perspective.”

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Test period new Repiler L scraper block

Marel has developed a new scraper block, the Repiler L. Compaxo: “When they asked us to support in testing the performance of the blocks, we agreed to install this new block in one of our dehairing machines. The test focused on the quality and lifespan of the block compared to the older blocks we were using.“

The line speed is 650 pigs per hour and the operating temperature in the machine is about 56 degrees Celsius. The blocks were placed in the first dehairing machine.

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The blocks were installed before the winter period. During the test period the quality and condition of the blocks were checked periodically. The periodic measurement of the resilience of the blocks showed that this remains at the same level over time, which is important and positive for the quality of dehairing.

The Repiler L scraper blocks have been in the machines now for almost two years and have handled over 2 million pigs. This exceeded our expectations...

Maintenance Manager
Compaxo Zevenaar production facility

"...they perform much better than the previous scraper blocks, which had to be changed after about 1 million pigs. For us, the Repiler L is a high-quality scraper block and we use them in all dehairing machines now", says Maintenance Manager at Compaxo Zevenaar production facility.

Repiler L

The Repiler L is a high-quality scraper block with excellent performance characteristics. The way of moulding and the inlay materials used allow the block to bend and ensure a long life without compromising performance. These blocks can be used on both the top and bottom dehairing shafts.

The Repiler blocks are available in several configurations, with different mounting hole sizes and mounting hole distances. They can also be used in non-Marel dehairing machines.

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