Better by-product packing at Vion Food Group

Speedbatcher Pig Feet

Vion Food Group in the Netherlands installed a Marel By-Product Packing System to increase packing flexibility and accuracy.

Vion Food Group—one of the oldest and largest processors of meat in the Netherlands—has installed a Marel By-Product Packing System to increase packing flexibility and accuracy.

As an international meat producer, Vion is always looking for opportunities to optimize their production and improve raw material utilization.

By Product System Speedbatcher

By Product System Speedbatcher

Increasing the value of by-products

As a company led by the requirements of a dynamic market, Vion’s activities are demand-driven. The company strives to respond to changing trends and developments while producing high-value products that suit different market demands.

Traditional low-value by-products like pig’s feet, tails and intestines now hold great value on the Asian market. To serve this market, Vion decided to move from manual by-product handling to an automated process.

Better By Product

By product packing system

New automatic system

Vion teamed up with Marel to find a system that was fast and accurate and would help improve their product handling and packing.

After looking at options and seeing systems in action at Marel customers in Denmark, it was clear that a By-Product Packing System would be the right solution. Their aim was to maximize value, maintain product quality and gain as much from processing by-products as possible.

The By-Product Packing System is easy to operate, manage and maintain.

There is no doubt that the system adds a lot of value. There is less giveaway and a much higher accuracy and flexibility than with the previous manual handling of products.

Eric Van Den Langenberg, Production Manager
Vion, Boxtel

"The system can run a wide range of products and different sized boxes with fast changeovers when needed", says Eric.

Flexible, accurate batching

At the heart of the By-Product Packing System is the Marel SpeedBatcher. It is an extremely flexible unit that accurately batches products in bulk, at high speeds, while keeping product handling to a minimum.

The system implementation went well and the two companies worked closely together on installation, final adjusting and operator training at Vion.

After a short period of training, the operators were ready for and fully capable of operating the equipment. The previously labor-intensive task is now run efficiently, reducing giveaway and improving throughput and quality.

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