Breast filleting in Bosnia, the whole story

Madi AMF

Family-owned Madi is a vertically integrated broiler operator, based in the Bosnian town of Tesanj.

“Wherever the priority is producing a healthy wholesome end product, we want to be the leader.” This is the vision of the Bosnian broiler producer Madi and it was in this context that the company decided to buy an AMF-BX FlexControl for its new processing plant at Tesanj in Northern Bosnia.

Edin Jabandzic, Executive Director of Madi, explains, “Whole and half breast fillets are key products for our business. We pride ourselves on being a leader in our region. This means having an efficient state-of-the-art process which gives us consistently high quality. Our focus is not just on saving labor but also on lifting quality standards and on reducing hand to product contact to give a healthier end product with a longer shelf life.”

Searching for the best

Mr. Jabandzic continues: “We had been in contact with Marel Poultry for a longer period; the AMF-BX FlexControl system was no stranger to us. What was important was to see the system in successful operation in our region. Marel arranged for us to see a system in Slovenia. What we saw convinced us that this was the right breast filleting solution for us. For Madi, the AMF-BX FlexControl system’s unique advantage is its ability to produce whole butterflies with tenderloins attached. This is a product which we sell both bulk and packed for retail, not just at home here in Bosnia, but also in neighboring markets. We were, however, having to produce it manually.”

A successful start

The AMF-BX system was commissioned to produce whole butterflies and half fillets with tenderloins attached. Depending on demand from the marketplace, Madi also harvests tenderloins separately. This is currently done manually. When necessary, the AMF-BX system can be extended to allow this important operation to be mechanized.

Hitting the highest

Edin Jabandzic is enthusiastic about the system’s menu controls. “The receipts allow us to store different module settings for different breast cap weights. Resetting the system when weights change is so easy. All we have to do is enter the new weight at a touch screen at the machine itself. All module settings are then changed automatically and filleting can restart immediately. We can always be sure of hitting the highest standards of yield, quality and product presentation regardless of the weight of breast cap we are handling.”

Looking forward to the future

Mr. Jabandzic concludes, “Although we have only had the system for a few months, so far we are very satisfied. We are sure that with further technical and technological support and training from Marel, we will be able to reach new heights. We have been impressed by the quality, commitment and professionalism of the Marel Poultry people we have dealt with, both locally and from the Netherlands. In Marel, we have a partner who understands our goals and will always do its utmost to help us achieve them.” 

About Madi

Madi is a vertically integrated broiler operator, based in the Bosnian town of Tesanj. The company is family owned and is currently run by Maid and Edin Jabandzic, sons of the founder.

Last year Madi commissioned a brand new processing plant capable of handling some 6,000 bph (100 bpm), one of the largest in the Balkans. During the year the company processed some 11 million birds, making it the largest operation of its kind in Bosnia and Hercegovina. Madi also has regional ambitions, successfully exporting to Serbia and Montenegro.

Whilst whole, cut and deboned fresh chicken is its core business, Madi also offers a comprehensive range of further processed items, manufactured in a separate unit capable of producing up to 25 tons per day. These include sausages, sliced and smoked meats, poultry ham and local specialties such as ćevapčići (skinless sausages made from minced meat) and pljeskavica (a minced meat patty), ideal for grilling on a barbecue.

Quality and product hygiene is paramount for Madi. These are guaranteed by the company’s strict control of the entire production cycle and by the presence of fully comprehensive tracking and tracing systems from parent stock right through to the end product.

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