First Thigh Fillet Systems in China for CP Hengshui

Marel once again joins hands with CP Food Group

Thigh Fillet System Cp Hengshui

Marel and CP Food Hengshui recently agreed to install a fully automatic poultry processing line with a capacity of 13,500 bph [225 bpm]. The project includes China’s first in-line Thigh Fillet Systems.

CP Hengshui Food Processing is the core project of the 100 million broiler integrated industry chain program of the provincial government. Once the project has been completed, it will be able to produce 200,000 tons of high quality and safe chicken food every year.

The right appearance

CP Hengshui decided to automate their evisceration department with very sophisticated Nuova machinery. Nuova equipment will perform its tasks reliably and flawlessly at the high line speed of 13,500 bph [225bpm], preparing product for chilling and for further operations giving optimum yields. While removing all internal organs precisely, the Nuova eviscerator separates viscera pack and carcass in one quick operation, ensuring maximum hygiene and food safety.

Important food source

Edible poultry viscera are a valuable source of food in China. Gizzards, hearts and livers are important products in the Chinese retail market and are the major ingredients in many delicious chicken-based dishes. CP Hengshui therefore benefits hugely from Marel’s automated transfer of the viscera pack. Hanging in their own shackles, giblets can be harvested accurately now using machines such as the PGI (intestine/ gall-bladder), PLH (liver), HLS and HLH (heart/lung). These save a lot of manpower.

Similar to traditional cuts

After leaving the chilling process, products are graded by weight in the SmartWeigher. Here, the process determines whether product will be sold as whole grillers or will be cut up. A Marel distribution line puts each and every product into its most profitable form. Product is distributed by reliable automated transfer units. CP Hengshui cuts up most of its incoming whole products. Two ACM-NT systems take care of this, taking into consideration specific Chinese demands regarding leg and wing cutting. Thanks to the system’s modular set-up and flexible adjustment options, accurate cuts can be made, which are similar to traditional cuts made manually by skilled staff. That’s why the ACM-NT lines feature modules such as the JL processor for leg cutting and the Second Joint Wing Cutter for typical wing cutting.

Four AMF-i systems

High labor costs and labor shortages are driving Chinese processors towards highly automated deboning processes. The CP Hensghui processing plant operates as many as four AMF-i intelligent breast filleting systems. AMF-i automatically detects the size of breast caps fed to the system. Deboning modules adjust themselves accordingly and fillet breasts without any human input needed, therefore saving considerable labor.

Appealing deboned thighs

CP Hengshui is the first processor in China to commission two highly efficient Thigh Fillet Systems. Chicken thigh meat is even more appreciated than breast meat in the Chinese market and it therefore makes sense to add even more value to thighs by deboning them automatically. Marel’s in-line thigh deboning method meets Chinese product requirements perfectly and delivers an end product that really appeals to Chinese consumers. Together, the two systems integrate seamlessly with the automatic cut-up lines and can handle up to 14,400 thighs per hour. Its carousels make a first knee joint pre-cut, skin the thigh, debone it, remove the knee cap (without any meat on it) and cut off the drumstick. All of these operations are done automatically and in-line. Hardly any manual work is needed, greatly reducing any dependency on skilled manual cut-up personnel.

About CP Hengshui

The CP Hengshui project is yet another example of cooperation between CP Food Group and Marel and follows on from the CP Dafa, CP Yushu, CP Fujian, CP LongYan and CP Hubei projects. It demonstrates the excellent relationship between CP Food Group and Marel and provides new opportunities for the two parties to further strengthen their long-term strategic cooperation. For several years, now mutual teamwork has resulted in a better understanding of the Chinese market requirements.

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