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Marel provides tailor-made solutions for the Mexican market

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With its strong commitment to the Mexican market, Marel offers solutions tailored to the Mexican market. A perfect example of this is the processing line configured at Grupo Arce. The combination of a traditional cross-cut vent opening with the automated Nuova CoreTech eviscerator gives an ideal end product for Mexican consumers.

Grupo Arce runs a poultry processing line with a capacity of 3,000 to 4,000 bph [50 to 67 bpm], depending on the type of product produced. All automated processes are equipped with Marel solutions. Manual shackling of the live birds in a Marel overhead conveyor system is followed by a Marel high-frequency water bath stunner and a K-15 killer. The defeathering process is also automated, with a Marel heavy-duty air-agitated water bath scalder and two pluckers. The defeathering process has been intelligently designed to process two distinct end products: white birds without epidermis and yellow epidermis-on products.


Coretech Yellow Chicken2 (1)

Tucked in

In the evisceration room, parts of the process are done manually, such as vent opening and vent cutting. This is a conscious choice, as Grupo Arce does the typical Mexican cross-cut. Instead of making a vertical cut, products are often opened by cutting across in Mexico. This is done to tuck legs more easily into the abdominal cavity, a common presentation in Mexico when selling the chicken as a whole griller. Rotisseries can present their products trussed and ready to grill.

Meeting all the needs

Evisceration itself is done automatically, using a Marel Nuova CoreTech. The CoreTech eviscerator knows exactly how to handle crosscut-opened products. The evisceration spoon can enter the cavity just as easily and draws the pack with its usual precision. Leaving no residual debris behind optimizes shelf life. Marel’s Nuova CoreTech meets all of Grupo Arce’s product quality and hygiene needs. It works with 10 evisceration units at a 12” pitch, and uses exactly the same technology as the standard Nuova eviscerators, the difference being that it hangs the viscera pack over the back of the product for manual giblet harvesting. Nuova CoreTech can process a wide variety of weights, which is welcome to Grupo Arce. Both white birds and yellow birds, each with their own specific weight ranges, need to be eviscerated to the same high standard.

We’re happy with Marel’s advanced knowledge and technology and very pleased with the performance of the machines and the line.

Alberto Ramírez Arce
Plant & Operations Manager of Grupo Arce

Grow along

When the market grows and Grupo Arce needs to upgrade capacity from 3,000 to 6,000 bph [50 to 100 bpm], for example, the same CoreTech machine can handle the increased volume using 20 units at 6” pitch. Looking even further into the future, a line speed of 9,000 bph [150 bpm] is also possible with the addition of automatic rehanging of the viscera pack to a separate viscera shackle. Using Marel’s CoreTech grow-along eviscerator, Grupo Arce can confidently move forward and achieve each new milestone with ease. The company can carefully plan its next steps, ensuring steady and consistent progress.

Giblet processing

After evisceration, human operators take over. Veterinary inspectors find it easy to check the intestine pack, which hangs over the back of the carcass. All sides of the product and organs are highly visible. In the giblet processing area, gizzards, hearts and livers are harvested. Two Marel pneumatic shears are used for harvesting necks and two Marel lung suction guns are used to remove any remaining lungs. Feet are unloaded automatically for processing further. Carcasses undergo a final inspection before being automatically unloaded into a spin chiller.

Alberto Ramírez Arce, Plant & Operations Manager of Grupe Arce says, “We’re happy with Marel’s advanced knowledge and technology and very pleased with the performance of the machines and the line. We’re also really satisfied with Marel's swift and agile support in solving the issues that appeared during installation and commissioning.”

Grupo Arce (1)

From left to right: Marco Solleveld (Marel), Alberto Ramírez Arce (Grupo Arce) and Rodrigo Estilla (Marel)

About Grupo Arce

Grupo Arce has been formally independent since 2008 but its history goes back to the 1970s when the company established itself as one of the top 10 poultry business groups in the country. Grupo Arce is founded and owned by Alberto Ramírez Echeverria, father of Plant & Operations Manager Alberto Ramírez Arce. Grupo Arce is now a consolidated group, starring among the major poultry companies in the province of Jalisco, the capital of which is Guadalajara. The company is involved in both commercial and production activities and is present in various states across Mexico. Grupo Arce is 100% Mexican in personnel and capital and is committed to providing Mexican families with a healthy diet and to caring for the environment. It is also committed to further continuous growth, integration and product diversification.

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