Marel supports poultry industrialization in Africa

Growth in emerging markets due to young population and urbanization

Africa Markets

For more than three decades, Marel has been supporting poultry processors in many African countries, from Tunisia and Sudan right down to South Africa. Many successful projects have been executed, offering solutions for companies starting processing on an industrial scale for the first time, right through to solutions for companies producing large volumes of poultry products with the help of highly automated systems.

Some of Marel's projects in Africa: 

Growing markets

Various markets in West, Central and East Africa are moving from traditional wet markets to a more industrial way of processing poultry. Reasons for the growth in these emerging markets can be found in a growing, young population and ongoing urbanization. There is a stronger middle class with less time and more money to spend. Consumers are more demanding and look for safe food. Retail chains (like Shoprite) are gaining ground.

Fresh and frozen parts

Several international QSRs (such as KFC and McDonald’s) are present. These companies look for high quality, stable production. Food safety, production yields, and product diversity are becoming more important. Besides whole products, various fresh and frozen parts are becoming more popular, especially for supply to caterers and restaurants.
Governments encourage local industrial production thereby creating jobs, stimulating the local economy and offering an affordable source of high quality proteins. The infrastructure improves and cold chains become more effective.

Africa Industrialization Day2

Companies such as Sedima in Senegal, Empas in Gambia and Aglow Farms in Ghana already process poultry industrially.

Higher profitability

Marel has successfully installed several processing plants in these emerging markets, with the emphasis on the automation of primary processing.
The automation of scalding and plucking, combined with semi-automatic evisceration and controlled chilling, enables a higher level of production, greater production efficiency, a consistent and manageable process, safe, high value end products and high yields.
Poultry processors become more profitable and differentiate themselves from their ‘wet market colleagues’.

Modular flexibility

All Marel equipment is modular. Automated and semi-automated process steps can be combined with manual operations. Later, when production increases, more steps can be automated.
To increase capacity, the processing line can be modified and extended without having to invest in a complete, new line.

Ruud Berkers Teco

Ruud Berkers visits a customer in Nigeria with local representatives Charles Aladewolu (second from right) and Joseph Osinibu (right) from the Teco Group.

More than equipment

There is a growing awareness that automation and scaling-up will be required to meet rising demand and changing quality requirements in the years to come. The right selection of durable, high-quality equipment, adapted perfectly to local conditions, is the basis for successful processing. But in addition to the right equipment, many customers are looking for knowledge, advice and support.

Ruud Berkers says: “Everyone knows that we have extensive knowledge and experience of developing along with a local growth market. We always respond to the unique local situation and offer customized solutions that fit a specific market. Our advice and support before, during and after installation, is the real added value to our customers. Good and reliable service is of key importance.
I’m convinced that our solutions support poultry processors in the best possible way. Our technology has proved this historically, proves it today and will continue to prove it in the future.
Cooperating enthusiastically with our customers, we will be able to realize many more successful projects.”

Cooperating enthusiastically with our customers, we will be able to realize many more successful projects.

Ruud Berkers

Ruud Berkers
Regional Sales Director Marel Poultry

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