Northern African markets grow

Marel's greenfield projects in Maghreb countries

Halal Butcher

For decades now, Marel has been realizing successful projects in several North African countries. Tunisia in particular has always been a frontrunner in the region and numerous highly automated plants, extension projects and greenfield projects have been equipped with Marel solutions. Now that markets are changing, Marel’s strong presence is resulting in several new exciting projects with higher capacities and higher levels of automation.

Regional benchmark in Tunisia

Until a few years ago the North African market was supplied mainly by plants designed for capacities ranging from 2,000 to 4,000 [33 to 66 bpm] for broilers and up to 2,000 per hour [33 tpm] for turkeys. There was a strong focus on automating the primary process. 
For many years “Abattoir de Poulets Dick”, a well-known local processor belonging to the Poulina group, set the regional benchmark with its 6,000 bph [100 bpm] broiler plant.

The “El Mazraa” turkey processing plant, also part of the Poulina Group, reached a high standard with a capacity of 3,000 turkeys per hour [50 pm], fully automated.

Changing markets, changing projects

Market conditions in the region are changing rapidly. Large modern supermarkets are more common, wet markets are losing ground. With the enormous popularity of poultry meat and growing opportunities for the upcoming middle class, expectations in the sector are good. Competition is getting stronger and the European markets are close.
Poultry production is growing and so is the need for modern, highly automated industrial solutions.

Success in Algeria

Tunisia’s neighbors Algeria and Morocco are scaling up. In Algeria, a poultry-loving nation, a 6,000 bph [100 bpm] plant equipped by Marel is under construction for the Bellat Group. The project is being prepared for a production capacity of 9,000 bph [150 bpm] and will be fully automated including automated cut-up, filleting and end-of-line solutions. Production management software will ensure full traceability. 

With its smart design and modular character, the project is ready to handle any future growth. Besides broilers, the plant will also process layers, their livers are a crucial product for Bellat.

Success in Morocco

In Morocco, a project will be built for a large combination processing plant. This will comprise an automated broiler processing plant with a capacity for 6,000 bph [100bpm], extendable to 9,000 bph [150 bpm] and a turkey processing plant of 2,000 turkeys per hour [33 tpm], extendable to 3,600 ph [60 tpm]. Both production lines will be installed in the same building.

Marel strongly supports the changing market conditions and growing potential of the African continent. The recent projects in North Africa demonstrate how Marel technology is gaining ground. We are proud to support poultry processors in Africa.


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