Producing high quality KFC products

Poultrymax Omnis in the Philippines

PoultryMax installs homestyle coating line

When Poultrymax Omnis, a producer of value added products, decided to move from semi-automatic to fully automatic production, they were looking for a reliable equipment supplier. They decided Marel was the right partner who could help them grow and make their business even more professional.

Meet a growing demand

Philippine company Poultrymax Omnis produces value added poultry products such as nuggets, patties and homestyle coated products. The company is an important local player supplying 342 KFC stores in the Philippines as well as other national Quick Service Restaurants such as Tokyo Tokyo and Mister Donut. In recent years, Poultrymax Omnis has made improvements to meet growing demand in the market. Mr. Lito Nepomuceno, Plant Director, explains: “We wanted to strengthen our company and make ourselves ready for the future. That is why we decided to change our business drastically.

Professionalizing the company

Before changing their production process, Poultrymax Omnis produced their whole muscle products in the restaurants. With this process, marinated chicken pieces were sent to the QSR restaurant. Breading and frying were done manually there. It was therefore a big improvement when the company started producing these products in its factory. “Going from a partly manual production to fully automatic production was a huge step for us. We wanted to increase our production capacity and standardize our process without compromising on quality. That is why we really wanted to make use of the latest technologies available in the market.”


The installation team between the two RevoBreaders of Poultrymax Omnis

Quality is key

Marel’s new convenience line including the latest coating equipment, turned out to be the best solution for Poultrymax Omnis. “When we visited the Demo Center in Boxmeer, The Netherlands, and saw the new Marel solutions, we were very impressed with the quality of the end products”, says Mr. Lito. “It was the presentation of the homestyle products which really convinced us to choose Marel as our equipment supplier.” The convenience line at Poultrymax Omnis includes a RevoPortioner, two RevoBreaders and a GoldFryer. This makes it especially suitable for the production of homestyle coated products.

Doubling production volume

Poultrymax Omnis currently produces 70,000 kilos [77 US ton] formed and coated products per week on the Marel convenience line. “Right now, we produce chicken nuggets and KFC’s crispy chicken bites called ‘fun shots’ and ‘hot shots’,” says Mr. Lito. “However, our aim is to double our weekly production volume in 2021. To reach this, we will continue to work together with Marel and expand our product range with new products we can produce on our production line.”

We wanted to increase our production capacity and standardize our process, without compromising on quality.

Mr. Lito Nepomuceno
Plant Director

Technological support

The step towards a more automatic production line has brought Poultrymax Omnis many benefits. “Thanks to the Marel convenience line, our productivity has improved tremendously. We now produce a higher volume of products that are more uniform and of consistently high quality,” explains Mr. Lito. However, there were also some challenges to begin with: “The new convenience line means a completely different way of working. Luckily, we could rely on a lot of support from Marel. A team of technicians and process technologists provided technical and technological training to help us start up our new line. Even though we are still fine tuning some things, I believe that with professional support and long-term commitment from Marel, we can really reach our goals.

Double RevoBreader line

The double RevoBreader line that has been installed at PoultryMax Omnis

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