SSA São Salvador Alimentos starts further processing

Successful Marel Prepared Foods project in Brazil


São Salvador Alimentos, located in Goiás (Brazil), initiated the plan to manufacture its own line of further processed products. For this project, Marel will implement two complete convenience lines. The start of production is expected in January 2022.

The project will serve two production lines: sausages and convenience food. In the sausage line, Marel will offer solutions for the meat preparation, with grinders and mixers. For convenience food production, Marel will also provide the meat preparation equipment, but also RevoPortioner and a coating line, consisting of an Active Flour Applicator, Active Batter Applicator, and RevoCrumb. The line has a direct connection to the Marel SpiralOven and a freezer. For packaging, SSA invests in two Marel Multihead Weighers and MCheck2 checkweighers at the end of the packaging process.

Combination of portfolios

To fully serve the client, Marel also provided complementary solutions from the Sulmaq portfolio, such as platforms, work tables and conveyor belts.
"The combined approach, led by Marel team, illustrates Marel's initial objective at the time of the Sulmaq acquisition. By bringing together the technologies of both portfolios and partners, Marel and Sulmaq are able to lead complete line projects, with the full support of our layout and project departments," says Fernando Roos, Regional Sales Director for Marel Meat in Latin America.

In addition to both portfolios, Sulmaq partner Schröter was contracted to supply the smokehouses for the sausage line. This is German technology that will be installed along with the complete project.

Superfrango Frozen4

Technological partnership

“The accomplishment of this project reinforces Marel's position as a full-line supplier. It is also an opportunity to increase our portfolio in the meat preparation and prepared foods segments”, says Marel's Industry Sales Manager, Frank Regouin. "With this project, São Salvador Alimentos appreciated to have found in Marel not just a processing line supplier, but above all a technological partner."

From 2015 to 2019, the company maintained contact with Marel and sought all information on how to install its production line, both for sausages and for convenience products.

'American' products at IPPE

In early 2020, during the IPPE (International Poultry and Processing Expo) exhibition in Atlanta USA, a team from São Salvador spent the afternoon with Marel's Vice President of Prepared Foods, Jesper Hjortshøj and Industry Sales Managers Rogivaldo Oliveira and Frank Regouin. Together, they evaluated different products available in local markets. On the occasion, the Marel team presented a selection of 'American' products that could be manufactured with Marel equipment to the technical and food engineering teams of São Salvador.

São Salvador Alimentos appreciated to have found in Marel not just a processing line supplier, but above all a technological partner.

Frank Regouin
Marel Industry Sales Manager

One month after the IPPE event, Marel's team visited the client. Negotiations advanced and the contract was scheduled to close in April. The Covid-19 pandemic, however, compelled the postponement of the project. Between November and January, representatives of Marel and São Salvador participated in several online meetings and, in January 2021, a final meeting was held to close the order. The Marel team included Fernando Roos (Regional Meat Sales Director), Leandro Rozisky (Industry Sales Manager), Frank Regouin (Industry Sales Manager) and Wagner Oliveira da Silva (Account Manager).

About São Salvador Alimentos

São Salvador Alimentos is one of the largest poultry companies in Brazil with a fully vertically integrated production chain, including two processing plants located in the State of Goiás. The company's activities cover all stages of production, from matrix makers to the distribution of products at points of sale. SSA has two food brands: SuperFrango, a specialist in chilled and frozen chicken products and Boua, holding a diversified portfolio with dairy products, sausages, smoked products, frozen vegetables and more. By adding a line of sausages and breaded products, SSA now includes internal industrialization activities to its production line.

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