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High-tech salmon processing at Oddi hf.

Unparalleled automation at Vísir fish factory

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Marel is the leading global supplier of advanced standalone equipment and integrated systems to the fish industry. Whatever your organization’s size or objectives, we have the products and expertise to help your business thrive.

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Products and solutions

Marel products and solutions help fish processors optimize yield, quality, throughput and other critical factors across the whole value chain. Ranging from individual units for specific processes such as weighing, cutting and bone removal, to complete solutions such as grading, filleting, portion-cutting and slicing lines, our equipment is built for the harsh fish processing environment, with hygiene and safety always in mind.

Innova Food Processing Software

Innova is a powerful and comprehensive software that collects and collates data, allowing you to improve perfomance and enhance productivity.

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Processing plant service inspection visits


Marel’s service solutions are tailor-made to suit your specific needs. Each solution is tailored to the site and production specifics, to maximize productivity across the production line.

Our global service network takes the worry out of maintenance, making sure your operation remains optimized and competitive. We are always striving to enhance our global reach while never compromising on our local service relationships.

Wherever you are, Marel’s sales and service specialists are close by and ready to help.

Customer stories

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Flexicut whitefish
Jorge Ubago
Robo Monitoring At Visir
Streamline Culmarex 3
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Leroy Midt.jpg
Primex Norway inside factory
Marine Harvest Ryfisk

“The machine automates the weighing and portion-cutting processes and achieves accurate fixed-weight portions; a result that you simply can’t achieve with manual cutting.”

Guilherme Blanke, CEO Noronha Pescados

“We have always achieved high quality results, and our customers seem even happier with our quality since we installed the new Marel equipment.”

Vladimir Zagorovskiy, Director General of the factory

Polar Sea+

“The maintenance becomes more proactive and reduces the downtime effect.”

Jorge Ubago, Vice President


"Our standard of quality for the product robots pack into the boxes is much higher."

Ómar Enoksson, Production Manager


"It made sense to work with Marel on this project, as they are global leader in salmon processing technology."

Skjoldur Pálmason, CEO

Oddi hf.

"We are producing the same products as before, but we are more competitive now in both quality and price."

Emilio Salas García, Production Manager


"The entire factory is running faster, so we’re getting more out of the other operators too."

Arvid Husa, Production Developer


"Everything that we get into the factory with the well-boat is coming out the same day as fresh whole fish or fresh fillets."

Pål Kleven, Production Director

Lerøy Midt, a part of the Lerøy Seafood Group

"This gives us total control to take the traceability fallout."

Martin Rasmussen, General Manager


"We were very focused on price, quality, and getting a user-friendly system."

Per Magne Gabrielsen, Plant Manager

Marine Harvest Ryfisk