A new era of salmon filleting is launched with the MS 2750

Extraordinary durability, flexibility and connectivity take salmon filleting to the next level

Filleting Machine MS2750 Salmon Trout

The robust and modular design of the filleting machine MS 2750 maximizes yield and brings security to daily operations.

For secondary processors of salmon and trout, the filleting machine MS 2750 provides exceptionally accurate and flexible filleting with all the benefits of a modular, connected design.

Reducing labor dependency, increasing sustainability

The MS2750 is the most sustainable salmon filleting solution on the market and delivers the highest yield. The newest filleting machine to Marel’s portfolio provides processors with high-yield filleting for salmon and trout weighing between 1.5 and 10 kilograms. And using only 15 liters per minute, the MS2750 can save you up to 2.5 million liters of water per year compared to the competition. The MS 2750 follows in the footsteps of the high-quality performance and renown of the filleting machine MS 2730.

MS 2750 connects seamlessly with Marel’s Automatic Deheader MS 2721V or with an integrated PaceInfeeder to process up to 25 fish per minute in a steady flow without operator input, reducing dependence on manual labor and improving yield. Processors can choose optional tools for trimming back and belly to reduce manual trimming and increase yield even further.

MS2750 Salmon Filleting Machine Cutting

Durable and long-lasting investment value

The robust, modular design of the MS 2750 is built with long-lasting components. Modularity simplifies construction, providing easy, hygienic cleaning and maintenance accessibility to ensure fast and efficient repairs with minimum disruption to processing lines. By building equipment with a modular design, Marel is improving the life span and adaptability of processor investment and maximizing processing line uptime.

Connected advantage 

Marel’s secure, cloud-based digital solution, SmartBase, is a standard inclusion with the MS 2750 filleting machine. The SmartBase platform gives processors access to real-time data on machine health and performance. Operators can make data-driven decisions that increase uptime and machine efficiency, thereby reducing energy consumption and optimizing processing lines. The SmartBase dashboard enables processors to easily see and resolve problems before they occur. Operators can also grant access to Marel’s services team remotely. With more efficient service options, processors reduce the risk of downtime and costly callouts.

Filleting machine MS 2750
MS2750 Salmon Filleting Machine Outfeed

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