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Groundbreaking automation in fish packing

Robotics are catapulting fish processing to an entirely new level of optimization and efficiency. Marel’s RoboBatcher Box revolutionizes the fish processing industry as the first and only robotic packing machine using intelligent batching technology. This level of automation benefits processors by not only significantly decreasing labor costs but also improving food safety, minimizing giveaway and virtually eliminating human error that may disrupt a production line.

Transforming the way fish is packed

With unprecedented speed and accuracy, the RobotBatcher Box automatically packs and styles up to 24 boxes simultaneously, with up to 12 different predefined jobs, into polystyrene and cardboard boxes. Whether you are looking to pack skin on skin or meat on meat, the intelligent grippers have the capacity to flip the fillets according to customer requirements. The RoboBatcher Box is unmatched in its ability to boost profitability by reducing giveaway, increasing product utilization and saving labor.

Robobatcher Box Fish

Intelligent software combined with robotic technology

In order to anticipate the fillets entering the RoboBatcher Box, the fish fillet is weighed by a standard weighing unit and scanned once it enters the system. Knowing the fish’s precise measurements entering on a moving conveyor belt, the RoboBatcher’s robotic arms pick up the product and gently place it into one of the boxes. Fillets or loins are packed according to catch-weight or fixed-weight requirements and a predefined styling pattern. The fully automated dispatch process ensures that once a box reaches the set target weight, it is immediately conveyed out of the robot and swiftly replaced by a new box to pack. The packing process is completed without any human contact by automated solutions that include a foil applicator, checkweigher, labeler, IceDoser and lid applicator, securing the end product’s hygiene and safety.

The revolutionary system virtually eliminates manual handling from the packing process, significantly optimizing product quality and hygiene. Its extraordinary grippers are designed for gentle product handling, ensuring even the most fragile fish isn’t damaged during packing.

Robobatcher box, salmon fillets

Unrivaled automation

The RoboBatcher Box uses an unparalleled combination of state-of-the-art batching software and innovative robotic technology to pack fixed weight boxes so close to the target that giveaway is minimal. The unique packing technology manages the flow of boxes, streamlining processing and optimizing throughput and efficiency like never before.

Learn more about the RoboBatcher Box for the whitefish and salmon industries.

Other equipment

We offer other packing options as well as a range of equipment for additional processing steps prior to packing in the whitefish and salmon industries, such as filleting, trimming, pin bone removal, and weighing.

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Traceability is at the forefront of food safety. Marel’s Innova software has a traceability engine built into every step of the production process to ensure food processors can act quickly to minimize the size of recalls, and trace every product back to its source.

Global support

Marel’s extensive service network means service is always within reach, and often at a local level. When you need spare parts for your equipment, we can quickly deliver to keep your production running with maximum performance. To prolong the life of your equipment and keep it performing at its best, we recommend using original Marel spare parts.

RoboBatcher Box Brochure

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