AMF-i HD anticipates the trend

Breast filleting of a heavier weight range


Today’s broilers are getting bigger and heavier all over the world. It’s not just in the US where ‘big birds’ are reared. Average chicken weights have increased markedly in South-America, Europe, Australia and Asia too. This is an unstoppable trend with quite some consequences for poultry processors. They have to adapt their systems to heavier weights and larger products such as breast fillets. Marel anticipated this trend with the development of its AMF-i HD system, an intelligent breast cap filleting system suitable for today’s and future weight ranges.

Average processing weights have increased in recent years and this trend will continue. Current processing systems are reaching the limits of their working range. There is little margin left.

Shift upwards

A regular AMF-i filleting system can cope with today’s usual breast cap weights and still have some margin left. With increasing bird weights, an HD version of AMF-i is needed to restore the margin. Compared to a regular AMF-i, AMF-i HD’s processing range at the top end shifts upwards.

Independent intelligence

Thanks to the concept’s modularity, any existing AMF-i system can be turned into an HD version. The system’s intelligence is not weight dependent and does not need any modifications to function perfectly in the AMF-i HD. It can cope with a wide variety of uncalibrated breast cap weights. HD upgrade kits are available for all modules.


One of AMF’s strong points is that its frame and concept are timeless. They remain the same as 25 years ago. Owners can update their system to the latest state-of-the-art technology. To keep up with the latest developments, processors were never forced to start all over again with a completely new system. The same goes for the AMF-i HD.

Amf I Breast Cap Filleting System Hd

Add or convert

The AMF-i HD concept is suitable for processors in all parts of the world, from end-to-end plants to specialized deboning companies, who are having to cope with heavier birds. Processors wanting to be able to process larger breast fillets from heavier birds have two options. They can either install a new AMF-i HD system next to their existing filleting systems or they can convert their regular AMF-i system to an HD version.

Covering all weights

Marel’s portfolio now offers breast filleting solutions for almost every weight range, as front halves from very heavy birds can be processed in the FHF-XB system. Together, AMF-i, AMF-i HD and FHF-XB ensure that virtually all possible filleting demands are covered. Even customers with very specific requirements can put together a modular AMF or FHF system to suit them.

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