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A new wave of digital technology is reshaping the way service is provided to food processors

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With SmartBase, processors have access to vital machine insights that can help optimize production and reduce downtime when service is required.

We’re on a digital journey, connecting machines and delivering valuable data to key stakeholders in order to optimize production. With the evolution of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, we know that connectivity is the way to drive efficiency and stay ahead of the competition. So we’ve developed SmartBase—a new cloud solution that shares machine health and performance information to users and service operators on any device.

SmartBase collects data from a machine in real-time and sends it to a cloud so that any user with access—be it an operator, a manager or a Marel service representative—can see the information from anywhere, at any time and make informed production decisions.

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“With this new cloud solution, we are able to monitor our FleXicut machines where we gain insight into the health of the machine. We can see if the generator temperature and the temperature of the cooling water is normal, we can see if the signal of the generator is normal and if the generator is working as it should,” says Ómar Enoksson, production manager at Vísir.

Customers can feel more at ease with the improved remote support and valuable data that SmartBase provides. Production downtime is reduced if an issue occurs with a machine and Marel service representatives are just one click away from quickly and efficiently resolving problems.

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The benefits of this level of connectivity are abundant:

  • Insights: Customers gain insights through new and improved data about machine performance and health, ensuring increased uptime. The data is available from anywhere on any device (e.g., tablet, laptop, mobile) via a web browser
  • Improved remote support: Enhanced capabilities for Marel remote support and the ability to solve issues and problems faster, reducing Marel’s carbon footprint (e.g., traveling).
  • Foundation for digital offerings: SmartBase is the enabler for other future digital offerings that are currently in development

SmartBase provides a centralized dashboard where users have access to a machine’s technical health data and basic production information that includes: runtime of a generator, key temperatures and active alarms. These provide processors with better insights into critical components of the machine and the ability to identify issues without being right in front of the machine. “The dashboard displaying the heart of the machine is valuable,” Enoksson says.

SmartBase is currently available for the FleXicut and SensorX and is in development for more machines in the coming months. This is just one step in our digital journey, and we see data as the key to improved service for our customers. 

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