Marel and Curio introduce a complete solution for whitefish processors

Marel and Curio now offer customers a complete whitefish processing solution that reduces labor dependance.

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The complete whitefish processing solution is designed for small processors looking to increase their automation, flexibility and performance.

Marel and Curio’s new whitefish processing solution is ideal for small processors looking to increase automation in the face of labor shortages while keeping the flexibility to adapt to changing demand.

The compact solution offers the equipment and technology needed for deheading, filleting, trimming, grading and packing. It is designed to help you improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase the quality of your final product.

Meeting all of your needs

Able to process multiple species of varying sizes, the solution features a compact and flexible design, a capacity for high volume throughput, full traceability and provides visibility of the whole process from start to finish in real time.

As part of the line, the Curio Filleting Platform C-2011 is capable of filleting whitefish species ranging in size from as small as 400g up to 8kg. The dynamic and adaptable filleting platform offers a high level of flexibility while remaining easy to operate and maintain.

The Curio Heading Machine C-3027 offers highly accurate automated deheading that helps maximize yield and minimize the risk of human error.

These combine with Marel’s Active Trimming Line, Compact Grader and Packing Station to offer small whitefish processors a compact and scalable solution to fit their current and future requirements.

Real-time insights

Data can feed dashboards and reports to provide insights into the processing, making it easy to make informed decisions to optimize performance during production. It is simple to change species and size, and the processing solution reduces the need for manual handling, plus some equipment like boxes and tubs.

On view at new demo center

Now that Marel and Curio have united, the whitefish processing industry can benefit from this complete and scalable solution from one supplier.

With our new demo center in Peterhead, UK, you can view the Curio machines in action. Contact our local fish processing experts to learn more or book an exclusive demo.

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