Marel, MAJA and TREIF: United for quality and innovation

Same trusted products, harnessing shared strengths for a stronger portfolio

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Marel is constantly evolving and growing, and in recent years we’ve expanded our global reach by welcoming MAJA and TREIF into the company. Acquired in 2018 and 2020 respectively, MAJA and TREIF are both German companies renowned for their innovative solutions and deep understanding of businesses such as butchers and other food product suppliers of all sizes. In line with Marel's strategic goal of being a comprehensive provider of advanced food processing solutions, the integration has significantly broadened our product portfolio.

Guided by the expertise of the newly appointed Managing Director of MAJA and TREIF, Mario Fuchs, we remain committed to preserving the unique traditions and strengths of each company. At the same time, we are leveraging our combined forces to provide an enhanced total offering to our customers. 

New leadership 

Mario Fuchs brings a wealth of experience to his new position as Managing Director. Based in Kehl, Germany, he joined Marel in May 2020 and then transitioned to the role of Business Group Director for Skinning, Linking and Peeling in late 2021. 

Fuchs’ vision is clear: “Together, we bring the best of all worlds. We’ve seen that combining our individual strengths fuels innovation and creates new ways to meet our customers’ evolving needs. We remain committed as ever to the quality products our customers know and trust from MAJA and TREIF.”

Same products, fresh synergies 

We greatly value the legacies of excellence that MAJA and TREIF bring to Marel. The companies continue to manufacture their own equipment, meaning that the only thing that changes for customers is that MAJA and TREIF are now supported by Marel's vast global resources.  

For Marel, integrating capabilities has continued to create new synergies that lead to a more robust and diversified offering. This allows us to cater more effectively to our customers, who range from small-scale processors to global industrial companies. 

Growing together, rooted in tradition 

Both MAJA and TREIF began as family businesses, cultivating strong reputations and relationships as outstanding suppliers over many decades. They have intimate knowledge and understanding of the needs of butchers and other food processors supplying to supermarkets and other shops, restaurants and canteens in Germany and internationally. Now a part of Marel, they continue to bring their rich heritages and industry expertise to the table.

Maja Building

MAJA: Pioneering food processing solutions 

Founded in 1955, MAJA is well known as a highly innovative company at the forefront of food processing, specializing in meat derinding, portioning and the production of ice machines for fresh food cooling. Today, it has around 200 dedicated employees based in Kehl, Germany. 

The addition of MAJA's machines to Marel’s portfolio has broadened Marel’s capabilities in secondary processing of poultry, meat and fish. Arni Sigurdsson, Chief Business Officer and Deputy CEO of Marel, stated, “We continue to build on the success of MAJA with our strong, dedicated team.”  

TREIF: Engineers of taste 

Since its inception in 1948, TREIF has transformed from manufacturing bone saws and grindstones to creating the world's most comprehensive range of food cutting technology. Greatly enhancing Marel’s portfolio, TREIF provides exceptional solutions for slicing, dicing, portion cutting and bread cutting equipment. 

With over 400 dedicated employees operating within four competence units, TREIF continues to develop and manufacture leading-edge machines and systems, all exclusively for food cutting. TREIF prides itself as being "engineers of taste" and has earned a spot on the prestigious Hidden Champions list, a testament to the company’s impact in the industry. 

See MAJA and TREIF solutions in action 

We invite you to join us at SÜFFA trade fair in Stuttgart in October this year, where we’ll be showcasing a wide range of MAJA and TREIF solutions. We will provide detailed information on our events page closer to the date.  

We also warmly welcome you to visit our demo center in Oberlahr, where you can book a demonstration to see and trial MAJA and TREIF solutions firsthand, using your own products.  

Thank you for joining us as we continue to strive for excellence, united in our shared vision of transforming food processing. 

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