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Poultry processors tend to harvest every gram of meat from their raw material to achieve optimal carcass balance. If they don't want to rely on third parties, meat preparation can be a profitable business for them with great potential. Properly prepared, the meat mass can result in an infinite number of tasty end products such as nuggets, meatballs and burgers.

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By offering the ideal mix of equipment and software, Marel has configured several specialized poultry meat preparation lines. They are the perfect link between the end of the secondary process and the beginning of processes for the manufacture of convenience food items.


Marel's specialized full-line nugget preparation system provides ideal conditions for the production of uniform and tasty nuggets of the highest quality. High-end mixing and grinding machines work together to prepare the meat in the best possible way. An infeed conveyor or a ColumnLoader supplies the raw meat material. After the pre-grinding process in a CombiGrind machine, ground meat is conveyed with a GirafConveyor to the vacuum Mixer, which gently mixes the product. If needed, nitrogen or CO2 can be added to obtain the correct temperature for the forming process. Once mixed, a Marel RevoPortioner forms the meat into uniform nuggets. This process particularly benefits from meat, suitably prepared in the meat preparation line. That is because it is essential that the meat has the proper structure and a consistent temperature after the forming process to guarantee uniform nuggets.

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Poultry burgers

To prepare meat mass for poultry burgers, Marel's dedicated line produces batches of meat with the specific fat content demanded by the recipe. A ColumnLoader conveys fresh meat or a frozen block of meat to the CombiGrind machine. A FATscan analyzer makes it simple to measure, adjust and deliver the desired fat percentage for each batch. Connected to the main recipe control system, FATscan makes sure that the system is fed with a proper mix of incoming broiler carcass components. In this way, food producers can label their products consistently with the correct fat percentage.
Via a GirafConveyor, the meat mass is transported to the Mixer. The unique square intermeshing mixer ensures minimal and efficient mixing times. CO2 or nitrogen can be added for temperature purposes. With the preparation process done, it is possible to produce finished frozen burgers packed, and ready for dispatch.

Properly prepared, the meat mass can result in an infinite number of tasty end products such as nuggets, meatballs and burgers.



When preparing poultry for meatball production, Marel's fully automated Meat Preparation Line is able to mix a meat mass uniformly to a required recipe, ideal for the best possible shaped meatballs. It is vital that each batch of meat has the right temperature and precisely the right fat content. Integrated online fat analysis simplifies measuring and ensures the best possible shape for optimal cooking with maximum yield. The square intermeshing mixers ensure uniformity of the finished product. This technique makes for faster, easier absorption of seasoning and other additives. The reduced mixing time minimizes the risk of smearing. CO2 can be added.

Marel's poultry meatball production lines give optimum control of the finished product and full traceability through each individual part of the process.

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Software - Central recipe management

A central recipe management system is available for all preparation lines. This ensures consistent, uniform meat mass quality to meet precise specifications.

Marel's online recipe monitoring software ensures that the correct raw material is added to the batch at the right time to obtain a uniform product with a perfect texture. The system can create, edit and store recipes centrally. If required, a recipe can be adjusted from batch to batch via the control panel. Even routings can be specified for individual batches, leading possibly to small adjustments to the line configuration to align end products to the market.

Recipe management makes the system reliable and no longer dependent on human input. It provides integrated traceability as well as a batch reporting system. The system gives a complete overview of individual machine status as well as operation of the full line. This includes fault and alarm handling.

Meat Preparation Nugget Line

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