New Compact Grader with enhanced options

An easy step towards automated grading and batching

Compact Grader Poultry Fillets

The latest generation of Marel’s Compact Grader is an entry level machine, a crucial step towards automation in secondary processing (after chilling). Marel has upgraded this easy-to-use solution to feature its most advanced grading technology to suit every need. It now offers batching. The Compact Grader has been designed to process both fresh and frozen products, cut-up poultry parts and whole grillers.

The new Compact Grader is an optimal solution for processors who need a simple way of automating their grading and batching process or who want to increase production volumes. Thanks to its easy set-up and operation, the Compact Grader meets industry requirements, an easy step towards automating production. The Compact Grader has a small-sized footprint and will often be used as a stand-alone solution in factories where available space is limited. It also fits perfectly in larger factories as an addition to automatic production lines when whole grillers or side products have to be packed or when peaks in production or seasonal overflows need to be managed.

A multitude of products

Thanks to its telescopic legs, the Compact Grader is adjustable in height, so that good working ergonomics are always guaranteed. Reliable and food-safe production starts with hygienic equipment. Compact Grader’s design meets all requirements requested by today’s hygiene standards. It is also easy to clean. At each side it features either three or four gates, depending on execution. The arms have been improved too. They are higher, better shaped for thin products and more durable.

The Compact Grader will handle many poultry products, fresh or frozen: whole grillers, front halves, saddles, butterflies, split breasts, whole legs, thighs, drums, whole wings, breast fillets, leg meat, thigh fillets and inner fillets. Featuring a wide belt and high throughput, it can grade product of up to 3 kilos [6.6 lbs] weight.

Weighing and software

The new improved Compact Grader includes dynamic weighing with consistent accuracy allowing automatic grading and batching. The comfortably long weighing platform filters out disturbances and automatically adjusts its weighing processes. “Plug and play Innova Food Processing Software is included. Processors can make the most of their Compact Grader right away without the hassle of installing unnecessary software,” says Marel Product Manager Sara Valný Sigurjónsdóttir. “This piece of Innova can be used to set up multiple programs and monitor the process.” The user-friendly graphical interface of the new M2400 display included with the grader gives the operator access to more than 50 grading programs. Innova ensures continuous data collection. Customizable process overviews are accessible with real-time monitoring and easy-to-understand reporting.

How does it work?

Firstly, product is weighed on the dynamic weighing platform. Depending on the weight calibration program set, product is allocated to one of the gates. With a very swift move, the relevant arm takes the product off the conveyor belt and directs it to the gate, where a container catches it. This is the straightforward grading process.

When optional automatic batching bins and tables are added to the system, the Compact Grader becomes a batching solution that ensures best fit batching with minimal giveaway.

No time to waste

The batching process starts by sending the product to a predefined gate where a batching bin drops the product into a crate which has been placed on the table below. When the desired batch has been reached, either a set number of products or a set target weight, the batching bin closes, keeping the batch together. The crate below now needs to be replaced with an empty one. This is shown by a batching light button on the bin, which lights up. As soon as an empty crate has been placed under the bin, the operator presses the batching light button to open up the bin. The batch of product assembled is then released into the empty crate. This process provides maximum throughput and doesn’t waste any time.


The new Compact Grader will doubtless follow in the footsteps of its successful predecessor with over 1200 machines sold across the world.

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