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Insight Fish Processing 2018 is now available to download.

As Sigurdur Ólason, Managing Director Marel Fish, explains in the preface to the newsletter: “The current growth rate and global spread of automation amounts to a revolution in the fish processing industry. Companies are increasingly prepared to invest in technology to compensate for a diminishing supply of labor, while consumer demand is driving product quality and diversity to new heights.

All of Marel’s core markets—salmon, cod and tilapia—have enjoyed ground-breaking advances in processing technology in the past year, with more expected in the year ahead. In this edition of Insight Fish, we bring you recent examples of how fish processors of all sizes are driving and embracing smarter processing solutions with Marel.

Sigurdur Ólason
Managing Director Marel Fish

“From China’s first fully automatic salmon processing line to automatic pinbone removal in the cod industry on both land and sea, these are exciting times for anyone involved in fish processing.

“We welcome this era as we are committed to continuing our role as a pioneer in creating smarter systems and solutions for processing food affordably and sustainably.”

Download Insight Fish Processing 2018 or visit our archive to browse previous editions and find more language options.

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