New WPL9000+ Weigh Price Labeler

High-speed, flexible set-up accurately handles packs, boxes or trays

WPL 9000 Split

Poultry processors must weigh and label their retail products accurately, while ensuring top levels of productivity. That’s why Marel has introduced its new WPL 9000+, a dynamic, high-speed Weigh Price Labeler. It is capable of handling fixed and catch weight products and will print the required product information on a label. The developers of this piece of equipment have put a clear emphasis on high accuracy when weighing and labeling.

With the worldwide consumption of protein growing at a consistent rate, poultry meat producers are looking for equipment, which can weigh, price and label products quickly, accurately and reliably, whilst maintaining production uptime.


The greater weighing range of the Marel WPL9000+ weigh price labeler extends from 40 g up to 5.5 kg [0.2lbs to 12lbs]. Increased weighing and labeling speed gives a throughput of up to 160 boxes per minute with accurate label placement and precise weighing increments, which can be set at 1 or 2 grams.

Three weighing table lengths are available, suitable for pack sizes up to 66 x 35 cm. Catch weight, or fixed weight configurations can be weighed. The WPL9000+ can also be used as a checkweigher with an optional reject mechanism.

WPL 9000 S


The WPL9000+ generates a wide range of product information and can apply many different label types. It is able to apply labels to multiple surfaces on a variety of products and on every side of a tray or box. Marel is in fact the only supplier to provide a solution for every label format.

Label sizes can be up to 15 x 11 cm. Using Innova Label Designer, the WPL9000+ can print Unicode characters for multi-lingual printing (i.e. Asian fonts). It also has advanced barcode printing options, which respect multiple standards such as 1D/2D barcode formats, QR codes and Data Matrix.

In addition to the weighing and conveyor speed, the printing speed has also increased. High-resolution printing is standard.

The WPL 9000+ can handle multiple label applicators, such as Top&Base applicator, M360 linerless D-labeling (only fixed-weight) and MPL80 C-labeler.

Compact and robust

The WPL 9000+ is easy to configure, use and operate. Reliability and serviceability have been improved, thanks amongst other things to the use of the latest technology electronics using upgraded processors. Its compactness is a big plus, as it only requires a small footprint in the factory. Its construction is robust. High quality, longer lasting materials have been used, which can contribute to a lower cost of ownership.

Quick changeover is possible if the configuration needs to be different. A simplified label path, fast label threading, the quick-release printhead and quick-release conveyor systems are features, which aid this ability by offering easier access and set-up.

The WPL9000+ can function as a stand-alone machine but can also be part of a bigger solution, integrated in a packing line and managed by Innova software.


The WPL9000+ integrates even better into Marel’s Innova software platform and offers better control of production. This software connection allows scalable solutions and built-in label design, while providing real-time monitoring and reporting. The Innova modules ‘WPL’ and ‘OCM’ offer real-time data control, collection and analysis of all operations in a single system, while the label-creating editor ‘Labeling’ simplifies label management.

Each Individual item is recorded and can be automatically boxed, palletized and labeled based on product count or total weight. When configured as a plant-wide solution, the software can connect with Innova OEE and Innova Order Manager. Users can also track product and weight information for traceability and for minimizing risk and maintaining control.

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