The Nuova system - 27 years of evisceration authority

‘Unlimited’ high yield in automatic giblet harvesting

Nuova Evisceration Viscera Packs

For over 25 years, Nuova has proven to be not just an eviscerator, but a total concept, a unique solution for automatic giblet harvesting with the highest yield in the industry. This benchmark in giblet quality and yield is valid for the entire bandwidth of broiler weights and for all capacities, from 4,000 bph [66 bpm] up to 15,000 bph [250 bpm]. Marel's Nuova system is currently the only one of its kind capable of operating at such a high speed.

The Nuova concept evolved from a maximum capacity of 9,000 bph to 10,500, 12,000, 13,500 and 15,000 bph [150 to 166, 200, 233 and 250 bpm] in the course of time. It maintained its excellent speed/performance ratio after every acceleration. With every step upwards, the Nuova automatic giblet harvesting system continued to provide a unique, ‘unlimited’ high yield.

Polyvalent with highest yield

Also unique in the market is Nuova’s high versatility concerning broiler weights and varieties. This polyvalent aptitude allows for processing of a wide range of products, such as broilers of all commercial breeds, specialist and slow-growing chicken or free range birds, spring chicken and yellow birds. The large variety in chicken sizes and weights, to be found all around the globe, poses no problem at all. In all cases, Marel continues to deliver the highest possible yield in automated giblet harvesting.
It comes as no surprise, therefore, that countless Nuova systems have found their way to all parts of the world, from Africa to Australia, from the Americas to Asia. In all European markets, Marel's Nuova is the leading evisceration and giblet harvesting system and is being used by almost all top processing companies.

The only one at 15,000

In addition to its unique performance, Nuova is the only automated giblet harvesting system currently rated at 15,000 bph [250 bpm]. It therefore maintains its predominant position of being the fastest system on the market. Nuova has a proven record of handling the 15,000 bph speed as this technology has already a strong foothold in the industry. After the first two installations in Germany, others followed suit, including companies in the Netherlands, the UK, Italy and Hungary.

Nuova Viscera Pack

Hygiene, handling and harvesting

Since 1993, the Nuova concept transfers the viscera pack automatically to a dedicated pack shackle suspended from an entirely separate overhead conveyor system. Even today, some 27 years later, this philosophy remains at the root of Marel’s Nuova technology. The concept offers many benefits in terms of hygiene, handling and harvesting. Immediately after its removal, each viscera pack is separated hygienically from the carcass. This transfer method no longer risks contamination from contact with intestines. With viscera packs held in a predictable position in the pack shackle, automated harvesting of hearts, livers and gizzards becomes easy.

The first stage in the process is to remove intestines and gall bladders. This is followed by automatic liver harvesting. Gizzards are then cut off to fall into the automatic gizzard harvester. Finally, hearts and lungs are released into the heart lung separator. Automated giblet harvesting means a giant upgrade to valuable products, accompanied by higher giblet yields. It saves a lot of labor, and also improves shelf life.

Nuova unrivaled

Marel's Nuova does its job consistently and accurately day after day, optionally supported by IMPAQT software. This software monitors in real-time the performance of each evisceration unit. If there is an issue with product positioning or operation of the unit itself, this is picked up immediately allowing quick remedial action to be taken, safeguarding yield and quality. The information gained also helps fine-tune Nuova to yet even higher levels of performance, to which no other system comes close.

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