Nuova-i intelligent eviscerator management

Best-in-class pack removal performance and giblet harvesting with greatest care

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The world of poultry processing is moving faster than ever. High-capacity super-efficient lines, multitalented systems and remote insight are needed to keep up with market demand. Customers demand hygiene, food safety, traceability and most of all, a wide variety of chicken end products, which all meet strict quality standards. To respond to all these requirements, Marel has developed its next-generation eviscerator, the Nuova-i. "Performance knowledge has been passed from man to machine," says Arie Tulp, Marel Poultry Sales & Marketing Director, who is really enthusiastic about the innovative development. "We've integrated many new technical improvements and intelligent software into this Nuova-i.”

Built on 28 years' experience, this new Nuova generation is ready to set a new benchmark in the industry. Nuova-i is supremely fit to enter the era of digitalized processing, making use of more software benefits than ever. On the mechanical side, it features 24 units in its carrousel and can easily handle line speeds of 15,000 bph [250 bpm], while guaranteeing efficiency and yield.

Improvements for higher yield

Innovative technical improvements enable the Nuova-i to separate the viscera-pack from the carcass even more efficiently. Viscera packs will be more uniform and compact, resulting in higher yield, cleaner carcasses and even higher hygienic operation standards. As a result, loose hanging intestines, risking cross-contamination when they touch one another, will be virtually non-existent.

Two new settings can bring higher yield in every flock. One setting is the distance adjustment between shoulders, the other one is the shackle guide adjustment for long and short feet. It will no longer matter if a broiler flock is of an odd size or shape. Nuova-i will process all products to the appropriate standard.

The new spoon will do its positioning and drawing job with the utmost care and precision. Several technical adjustments mean a robust spoon with a longer life, needing less maintenance too. As it handles every single giblet with care, Nuova-i creates the perfect conditions for top-quality giblet processing downstream by automated Marel solutions.

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Plant managers can take immediate and targeted action if an issue arises, an example being an underperforming evisceration unit.

Added intelligence

Nuova-i takes a major step into the digitalization of evisceration. Management of the machine has been handed over from handwheels and manual levers to software, controlled by a touchscreen on the machine. The new HMI display is an extremely user-friendly interface, allowing for interaction and communication with the mechanical components of the machine. The software, however, doesn't operate fully independently. It is a powerful production support, with a human supervisor still in the lead. During production, only the height adjustment needs a manually operated lever.


Once the recipe settings have been chosen for a flock, Nuova-i will adjust itself to those settings. The result will be a smooth and constant process flow. Even flocks with certain particular characteristics can be handled. Changing settings between flocks poses no problems either. Recipes can be pre-installed based on historical data gathered per flock. Nuova-i will remember previous successful flock settings with a single tap on the screen. The operator simply chooses a new or existing recipe, and the relevant eviscerator settings will adjust themselves accordingly. In this way, Nuova-i will handle each flock in a dedicated fashion, ensuring a higher yield.
There is no longer much human technological knowledge needed for optimum eviscerator performance. It is now data-driven with the task transferred from man to software. Handing over shifts from operator to operator will also have less impact than ever before.

Nuova-i offers an opportunity for processors to become less dependent on skilled staff and having a more predictable and improved output at the same time.

Arie Tulp
Marel Poultry Sales & Marketing Director

Machine health status

Nuova-i comes standard with new SmartBase software, allowing for real-time machine health monitoring. It is possible to "take a look into the machine" while it is running. The HMI screen gives a clear overview of the machine's status. SmartBase software also logs all kinds of machine settings; it can display historical performance data to reveal potential trends. An internet connection opens up many ways of communicating, even in the cloud. Monitoring all data remotely from a central control room will be possible.

If maximum insight and control are required, the optional ProductionInsight software package is the right choice. Compared to SmartBase, ProductionInsight gives an even more detailed overview as well as real-time analysis at evisceration unit level. This allows plant managers to take immediate and precisely targeted action, if an issue with the eviscerator arises, an example being an underperforming evisceration unit.

Nuova I Remote Control Ipad

Remote support

With the addition of IMPAQT software, information from other connected equipment in the primary processing line becomes available. Relevant performance data and analyses are on hand in the central control system. It is now possible to measure line efficiency, analyze the performance of other machines such as LineLink transfer systems, see the reasons for downtime or monitor shackle loading.

If required, Marel's back office can make contact with Nuova-i via its internet connection. Thanks to intelligent software, a remote service program stands ready to help with tailor-made support in terms of updates, data monitoring, reporting, maintenance instructions, service guidelines, without the need for the physical presence of a Marel engineer on site.


The Nuova-i is a new-generation evisceration concept. It features a correspondingly modern, high-tech design in which HMI display and all other controls are fully integrated. Internal lighting around the carrousel allows for a good view of the process. During maintenance and cleaning, these LED lights, whose brightness is under the engineer's control, can come in handy for a thorough inspection.

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