PremiumFormer wins Innovation award

Premiumformer Burger Forming Machine

The winners of the CFIA 2020 Innovation awards have been unveiled and we’re pleased to announce that Marel’s PremiumFormer took home the trophy for innovation in Equipment and Processes.

This annual award ceremony highlights the newest innovations the food processing industry has to offer and reflects the huge growth potential in this sector.

The criteria used to select the award recipient includes the innovative nature of the product or service, the customer benefits it offers and the need it meets in the market.

The PremiumFormer allows the production of four types of burger on a single system

The jury commented on the PremiumFormer: "The PremiumFormer from Marel, a new generation of burger former for red meat, allows the production of four types of burger on a single system and up to 6,000 cycles per hour with a single operator."

Marel’s burger patty processing lines help you create any type and any volume of burger patty.

This award not only recognizes the PremiumFormer’s unique, state-of-the-art qualities, it also highlights the Marel culture of innovation and excellence.

Innovation and Excellence

The PremiumFormer is a unique solution for forming fresh burgers, which ensures quality, flexibility and consistency. The system offers various texture and shape possibilities, always preserving the product quality after cooking. Thanks to its small footprint, it fits perfectly into any production facility.

Through the years, burgers have been going through various generations of burgers types. There’s the standard burger, which is typically pressed and without a clear fiber orientation. Then you have the home-style and tender fresh burger, where the fibers are oriented vertically. In a butcher burger, fibers are interlaced, which creates angel hair burgers.

Each burger type will give the consumer a specific eating experience and taste.

Soazig Pinheiro
Marel product specialist

About the PremiumFormer

The PremiumFormer makes it possible to create all these burger types in one flexible machine. The French company Deveille has been creating burgers and steak haché with the PremiumFormer for a number of years and describe it as an exceptional machine. Read more about their experience here.

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